Four large areas traffic report around Mt. Fuji

You can see how to access 4 large areas around Mt. Fuji

Four large areas traffic report around Mt. Fuji

富士吉田・忍野・山中湖 エリア

The Yamanakako · Oshino · Fujiyoshida area is a sightseeing which enjoys beautiful scenery around Mt. Fuji such as Yamanakako and Oshino Hakkai registered as world heritage ...

河口湖・西湖・精進湖・本栖湖 エリア

Lake Kawaguchi, West Lake, Shimpo Lake and Lake Motosu, which make up Fuji Goko, will be recognized as a part of "Fuji - the source of faith and the source of art" in 2013 ...

富士・富士宮 エリア

Fuji City / Fujinomiya City spreading from the southern foot to the western foot of Mt. Fuji is an area where you can enjoy the magnificent scenery of Mt. Fuji from various places. Altitude 700 - ....

三島・沼津・御殿場・裾野 エリア

The Gotemba, Susono and Mishima areas have shopping at outlets, leisure facilities that can enjoy camping and skiing, overlooking Mount Fuji ...


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