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You don't want to miss this!Photo spots around Mt. Fuji in Autumn!

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I think that there are many people who want to photograph Mt. Fuji colored red with autumn leaves in autumn season! But where is the best view from? For those who think that this time when I visited Mt. Fuji in the fall, I gathered a photogenic spot that can take pictures beautifully! Colorful autumn leaves are superb views!

Collaboration between Mt. Fuji and autumn leaves: Sunset · Autumn Leaves Festival

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Every autumn, "Lake Yamanakako Autumn Leaves Festival" is held at the Asahigaoka Green Land Park, the maples in the park are colored into red and make the view amazing.
Because the benches with boardwalks and tables are maintained in the park, you can watch the autumn leaves and sit on the bench and watch and walk!
The autumn leaves that can be watched in this event are the places you want to take a picture.

The autumn leaves festival of Yamanakako is the best view from late October to mid-November. Starting to color gradually from the middle of October, you can enjoy autumn leaves for about 1 month until mid-November.
A photogenic spot that can not miss the autumn leaves festival of Lake Yamanakako is autumn leaves that have been lighted up. The autumnal leaves corridor of 600 m will be lighted up.
Since the time is from 16:30 to 21:00, you can enjoy the light up for quite a long time.

During the autumn leaves festival period, if there is no strong wind or heavy rain, it is going to light up every day, so let's check the weather before going to the autumn leaves festival.

Red Leaves Festival

■場所 山中湖 旭日丘湖畔緑地公園 
■Light up duration: Late October - Mid November
■Ligh up time: 16:30~21:00

【Information as of 2017/07】

Historical Folk Museum

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There is an autumn leaves event which will be held in the Fujiyoshi Museum Area of Fujiyoshida City every year from late October to early November each year.
There is a beautiful autumn leaves path, where about 60 trees are planted in a maple corridor for 180 meters. Fuji covered with snow and autumn leaves can be enjoyed from the rooftop of the Mt. Fuji Museum which passed through the tunnel of the maple, it is famous as the autumn photo spot.

With the concept of "leaves falling calm quietly", in the evening as well as lake mountain lake maple festival, light up is given, you can fully enjoy the autumn night. During the holiday, local products are sold and concerts and tea ceremonies are held and you can enjoy the interesting activities and elegant autumn leaves.

Historical Folk Museum

■Address:Yamanashi Prefecture Fujiyoshida City Kamiyoshida 2288-1
■ Fee: Adults 400 yen (Groups of 20 or more, 320 yen), school students 200 yen (groups of 20 or more, 160 yen)
■ Time: 9: 30 - 17: (Admission is ~ 16: 30), the light up period is until 8pm.
■ Closed: Tuesday (opening in case of holiday), next day of holiday (open on Sundays and public holidays)
■ Transportation: Fujikyuko Line get off at the Mt. Fuji Station → Fujikyu bus bound for Lake Yamanakako 15 minutes, Bus stop: Sun Park Fuji get off in front of the car / Chuo Road Kawaguchiko IC via National Route 1384
■Parking Lot:Yes/55

【Information as of 2017/07】

Superb view of Kawaguchiko and Mt. Fuji Mt. Kachikachi Ropeway

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If you see Mt. Fuji and autumn leaves, "Tenjozan Park Mt. Kachikachi Ropeway" is also the best point for the autumn leaves season from October to November. The superb view spreading from the ropeway is the recommended as the shutter chance.

You can admire the Lake Kawaguchiko townscape and magnificent Mt. Fuji from the observation deck at the height of 1075 m above sea level. Because it is a great Mt. Fuji view point, tourists visit from home and abroad, and you can enjoy the view of autumn leaves. The scenery from this observatory is also a must-see spot.

Mt.Kachi kachi Ropeway

■ Business Hour: 9: 00 ~ 17: 00 Depending on seasons
■Closed day:None
■Address:〒401-0303 Yamanashi Prefecture Minamitsuru-gun Fujikawaguchiko cho Asagawa 1163-1
■ TEL: 0555-72-0363
Access: 10 minutes on foot from Kawaguchiko Station of Fujikyuko Line

【Information as of 2017/07】

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