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You can enjoy it even if you do not have a car within 15 minutes on foot from the station! Attractions around Kawaguchiko station Special feature!

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Located at the foot of Mt. Fuji, from the Lake Kawaguchiko you can see Mt. Fuji just in front of you. Such Kawaguchiko is one of the popular tourist spots because it is easy to access from the downtown area. However, there are unexpectedly many places where it is difficult to go without a car, and those who visited by train without looking ahead will be inconvenienced. So, this time we will introduce sightseeing spots around Kawaguchiko station where people visited by train will be able to drop in on foot.

Lake Kawaguchiko Station building

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Kawaguchiko station which was renewed in 2006.
Lake Kawaguchiko Station which is the terminal station of the Fuji Express line, you can see magnificent Mt. Fuji from here. Besides, delicious sweets and other souvenirs are selling here. So the station itself is also popular as a tourist attraction.

Among the tourists, the original sweets such as "Shingen ice cream" and "Yoshida udon noodle" are very famous, which you can buy it at the cafe "Gateway Fujiyama" inside the station.
There are lots of famous souvenirs of Yamanashi Prefecture which you can buy from here! Before you go back, why not just step in and have a look?

Facility information

■ Location: Funatsu, Kamaguchikocho, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture Funatsu 3641
■ Business hours (window): 6: 00-22: 20

Lake Kawaguchiko excursion ship "En Soleil"

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The Kawaguchiko Pleasure Boat Ansoroley is a 10-minute walk from Kawaguchiko Station and there is a stop in a location that is relatively accessible in the surrounding facilities.
"En Soleil" has the meaning of "Sunshine" in French, and there are several spaces inside the ship.

One is a space on the ship on which the table on the first floor and sofa are equipped, this is recommended for those who want to enjoy cruising slowly.
Furthermore, on the first floor, there is a tented covered space in the rear part, but it is barrier free so that everyone can enjoy the peaceful mind.

And there is a second floor space with a good view.
This is a popular space because we can hope for magnificent Mt. Fuji nearby on a sunny day.
If you're lucky, you may be able to see "upside-down Fuji" that only appears when you have a good weather conditions.

Facility information

■ Location: Funatsu Kawaguchiko Cho Funatsu Minamitsuru-gun Yamanashi Prefecture Funatsu 4034
■ Business Hours: Different according to seasons
■ Fee: Adult 930 yen · Child 470 yen · Pet 200 yen (supplementary dog ​​is free)
■ Access: 10 minutes on foot from Lake Kawaguchiko Station

~ Kawaguchiko ~ Mt. Fuji Panorama Ropeway

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天上山公園にある〜河口湖〜 富士山パノラマロープウェイは、太宰治の名作「かちかち山」の舞台となった場所です。
Named after this story, the raccoon dolls and rabbit dolls appearing in the story are decorated on the ropeway gondola and every part of the observation deck.

Take the ropeway and you will arrive at the top of the mountain in about 3 minutes.
The mountaintop is located at an altitude of 1075 m and from the observation platform there is a panorama of 360 degrees which makes it possible to see Mt. Fuji and Kawaguchiko whole, making it a very popular tourist attraction.

Facility information

■ Location: Asagawa 1163-1 Fujikawaguchiko cho, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture
■ Business Hours: 9: 00 ~ (It is necessary to confirm that the closing time varies according to the season)
■ Fee: 800 yen for adult round trip / 400 yen roundtrip for children
■ Access: About 15 minutes on foot from Lake Kawaguchiko station

Yamanashi Gem Museum

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Yamanashi prefecture has long been known as the origin of quartz crystal, and the beginning of it is going back to the Jomon period.
In this museum, we collect about 500 types of valuable precious stones including crystal from all over the world and exhibit about 3000 gems ranging from gemstones to jewelry.
Because there is a museum shop besides the exhibition corner, it is also possible to purchase accessories using favorite jewels, making it a popular tourist attraction for ladies.

Facility information

■ Location: Funatsu Kawaguchiko Cho, Yamanashi Prefecture Minamitsuru-gun Funatsu 6713
■ Business Hours: 9: 00 ~ (It is necessary to confirm that the closing time varies according to the season)
■ Fee: Adults 600 yen / small · middle school student 300 yen / under 6 years old Free
■ Access: Approximately 15 minutes on foot from Kawaguchiko station (Retro bus which arrives in approximately 10 minutes is recommended)

Those who want to know other sights are here!

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