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If it is a sunrise spot "Invert Fuji easily appears" [Shoji Lake] Recommended!

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Mt. Fuji from the north side of Lake Suigo appears to be holding Omuroyama, also called "Children's Fuji" is a magnificent scenery to be selected as one hundred New Fortune but sunrise is even more touched! It is a tourist & photography spot of. The color of the sky that changes expressions every moment, and the figure of Mr. Fuji that appears to float. It is perfect sunrise spot information to see beautiful morning glow and upside down Fuji. Let's experience the spectacular sunrise if you head for Mt. Fuji.

Even if you get up early, you must lose it if you do not see it! If sunrise, morning glow Do not hesitate to Lake Shoin

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The view of Mt. Fuji is amazing whenever you see it! However, sunrise is even more amazing!
Since I came to Mt. Fuji at a great price, I want to see the sunrise! I want to take a fantastic picture! That's why I will not be able to get up early. There should not be too many people.

The breathtakingly beautiful recommended sunrise spot is the sunrise seen from the north side of Lake Shoin.

Fuji in the morning seen from the north side of Lake Suigo begins with a fantastic morning glow, a morning morning on the lake surface, Mt. Fuji and Mt. Fuji come up every time.

When cloudy, you can see the sea of ​​clouds looking up at Mt. Fuji, Mt. Fuji peeking through the clouds, the morning glow and clouds on the lake surface are also nice.

Do not forget to check the "time" [parking lot] mandatory for "sunrise"

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Lake Shoin has a large parking space. There is also a tray so it is convenient.
And if you are watching the sunrise, you can not forget to check the sunrise time.

The sunrise time of Lake Shiho may be calculated by considering the sunrise in Kofu city in Yamanashi Prefecture, thinking a little earlier.

Reference / Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture (latitude: 35.6667 ° longitude: 138.5667 °) Sunrise time

January 1 6:55 4:33 on July 1
February 1 6:46 4:53 on August 1
March 1st at 6:16 on September 1 at 5:17
April 1 5:33 5:40 on October 1
May 1 1 4 5 54 November 1 6 0 7
June 1st 4:31 min December 1 6:37

Shimpo Lake will be sunrise a few minutes earlier than Kofu City.
For details, you can search from the National Astronomical Observatory "Komonomiya no Komoni" by specifying the place with "Calendar Calculation".

Prefectural Sogyoko Lake Parking lot / Shimbun Lake Observatory

Address Yamanashi Prefecture Minamitsuru-gun Fujikawaguchikocho Shimo Fujimisozo
Access 25 minutes by car from Kawaguchiko IC on the Central Expressway
6 parking lot buses, 42 ordinary cars
There is a trail

We looked at Fuji and looked at Nagano's Onsen [Hinode No Yu] Yamadaya Hotel

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The Yamadaya hotel, located just in front of the prefectural Shoji Lake parking lot, is a hot spring facility of Lake Shoin which puts in the outdoor bath while looking at Futami Fuji.
There are not any things that disturb the vision from two open-air baths to Mr. Fujimoto Fuji, a straight strike zone to Lake Shimpo, Jukai, and Mt. Fuji.

The sign is the signboard of the Yamadaya hotel.
At the Yamada Hotel, there is also a bathroom with a rental outlet that you can watch the scenery from Mt. FUJI.

Yamadaya Hotel Hinode No Yu

Price Hinode no yu Adult 800 yen Child 500 yen
   展望貸切風呂 1時間3,000円(要事前予約)

Day trip bathing time 10: 00 ~ 15: 00 (Please contact us by phone for details)

Izumi calcium · sodium sulfate hot spring

Efficacy Muscle pain, frozen shoulder, neuralgia, coldness etc.

Address Yamanashi Prefecture Minamitsuru-gun Fujikawaguchikocho 478

Telephone 0555-87-2311

The entrance of Panorama stand is soon from Shimono Lake!

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After about 700 meters further from the Yamadaya hotel there is an entrance to the panoramic mountain.
The altitude of the Panorama stand is 1328 m in height, arriving at the viewpoint which the Seira Shinko lake, Lake Motosu, West Lake, Kawaguchi lake is looking down in about 1 hour 5 minutes from the climbing mouth.
Aokigahara jikai from Panorama stand, followed by Ashizuru Fuji spreads straight.

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