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The city of hot springs, Atami! Let's go to popular izakaya at night ♪ Recommended shop 3 shops

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The best spa town in Japan, Atami. Speaking of spa town, it's also a pleasure to walk around the emotional cityscape and various shops. The souvenir shop is full of sightseeing places including sweets, local gourmet stores and more! So this time, I tried the theme of a pub where I can enjoy sake. Why do not you go out looking for a pub in the evening if you slowly warm up at the hot springs? We introduce a popular izakaya for locals and tourists.

Izakaya at the destination go to local popular shops

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The real pleasure of traveling is to enjoy dishes using local fresh ingredients.
It's okay to have it at a hotel or restaurant, but let's go to the popular Izakaya locally!

The shop where local people go is a proof that it is really delicious.
Since it is often full from an early time zone, it is a trick to smoothly put in researching in advance and making reservations.

【Hispan】 To those who want to finish reasonably

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A very popular and reputable "HIS flower" from local people.
It is a store full of busts so much that it is difficult to enter without making a reservation.
Because it is almost fully occupied around 18 o'clock, it is essential to make a reservation or early!

After setting reasonable price, you can eat a lot of local fresh seafood.
The popular menu is a dish using seafood that can be taken locally.
A lot of menus are arranged, such as boiling of the gold eye snapper and sashimi with plenty of volume.

It is popular with local people, and it is popular as a shop that unwinds as a shop unlike shops where only tourists gather.
If the accommodation is close, please try it.
There are many repeaters from outside the prefecture!

Store information of "Hisa flower"

Location 11-2 Chuo-machi, Atami-shi, Shizuoka Prefecture
Phone number 0557-85-3329
Opening Hours 17: 00 ~ 23: 00 (※ As foodstuff runs out)
Closed Wednesday
Access 5 minutes by car from Atami station
【Information as of 2017/07】

【と と 庵】 For fried food lovers

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This is also a popular izakaya reputed to local people "and Toan".
In addition to the abundance of the menu, it is reputed that it is rich in fresh and elaborate dishes.

Among them, there are also voices that fried foods are delicious.
Delicious taste of fried fish and fried birds!

The store owner is also healthy and bright, the inside of the store is always regular customers.
It is comfortable and popular with locals as well.

Also, because the price setting is clear and easy to enter, it is also recommended for tourists and young people to Mr. Seki.
After all the local people 's reputation is an important point to refer to when choosing a store.

"And Toan" store information

Location 7 - 9 Chuo-machi, Atami-shi, Shizuoka Prefecture
Phone number 0557-81-8545
Business hours: 16: 30-24: 00
Regular holiday irregular holiday
Access 711 m from Komiya station
【Information as of 2017/07】

【Cooking tea house Kokusai】 For those who want to smile

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Recommended for those who want to eat a bit, a cup of tea house Kuju.
It is a shop reputed for oden and set meal.

When entering the shop, there is an oden counter first, and there is a school in the back.
The inside of the shop seems to be oden as the main, and it has become a homey atmosphere.

A 3-minute walk from Atami Station and good location.
Since the daytime hours are also open, we can eat delicious meal.
For the set meals using local fish, Oden's main set meal, any nostalgic taste.

Let's get a bit close to sightseeing around Atami station before you go home and so on.

"Cooking tea house Kokonoe" store information

Location 7-11 Tawaramoto-machi, Atami-shi, Shizuoka Prefecture
Telephone number 0557-81-4976
Business Hours Month, Tuesday, Thurs, Friday
     11:00~14:00 17:00~20:00
     土・日・祝日 12:00~19:00
Closed Wednesday
Access 119 meters from Atami Station
【Information as of 2017/07】

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