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Energy charge by eating delicious things between sightseeing! At the foot of Mt. Fuji is a treasure trove of local gourmet, typical examples of noodles are "Udon of Fujiyoshida", "Fujishima yakisoba", "Gotemba Mikuriya soba", "Fuji-attached Napolitan". So here we will introduce you to the local noodle shops at the foot of Mt. Fuji where you can enjoy the taste and atmosphere of the region.

What is Fuji Yoshida Udon? Explore the charm of a popular udon loved by all!

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【What is Fujiyoshida Udon】
It has a strong elasticity, extremely thick noodles with a taste like chewing, and a simple and rustic soup.
It was also chosen as one hundred local cuisine of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.
There are more than 60 Udon noodles in Fujiyoshida City, and there are individuality of each store such as noodles, soup, ingredients.

* Hand-made Udon Miya Tree (Miyaki) *
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A popular shop full of stores as soon as it opens.
I am glad that the menu is a conscious price from udon noodles (300 yen) to hotpot noodles (600 yen).
As a regular sitting on a chair ordered "Kake Udon" and "Chilled Nuki", I ate and got back home.
In this way, there are many people who eat 2 cups locally.

Address: 4-3-6 Shintanishi, Fujiyoshida City Yamanashi Prefecture
Phone: 0555-24-2448
Business hours: 11: 00-14: 00
Closed Friday: Sunday · Public Holiday

Fujiyama NAVI Editorial Department Recommended Yoshida Udon

* Takeshigawa *
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Anyway, it features thick and long noodles, you can put as many as you can in the heap of the heap in the table.
It is a popular shop without rows at noon, but as soon as you order it will come out so it's quick.
It is recommended to eat it with plenty of pepper.
Popular menu includes udon noodles (300 yen), meat udon (400 yen), meat udon (400 yen) and so on.
The size can also be selected from large, medium and small, the huge volume with considerable volume is increased by 200 yen.

Address: Yamanashi Prefecture Minamitsuru-gun Fujikawaguchiko Cho Funatsu 3371
Telephone: 0555-72-5022
Opening hours: 10: 30-13: 45
Closed Friday: Monday

* Somen no ken tsushin *
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At lunch time, the parking lot is full, sometimes a long line of entries can be made at the entrance, and locals say that "this is the number one" popular store.
Local people are familiar with the name "Menkai".
The combination of soy sauce and miso soup is a bit sweet, but it has a refreshing taste.
The most popular udon udon (550 yen) is luxurious udon with plenty of ingredients, meat, cherry blossoms, foxes and wakame.

Address: 849-1 Kamiyoshida Fujiyoshida City Yamanashi Prefecture
Telephone: 0555-23-8806
Business hours: 11: 00-14: 00
Closed: Sunday

What is Mt. Fuji attached Napolitan? Fusion of Udon and Napolitan

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【What is Nepolitan?】
Local noodle of Fuji City, born from the planning of TV programs.
There is no rule except W soup based on tomato sauce and tsukemen style, noodles and toppings are arranged freely by each shop, so eating walks are fun too.

* Coffee Adonis *
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The first time we offered "Tsuke Napolitan" was the original founder Napolitan shop in Yoshiwara shopping district, cafe cafe Adonis.
In this store, it is provided with the menu name Fuji Ritan (850 yen).
Although it is the atmosphere of retro cafe, it is the first time that tourists visit on weekends and the most popular is Napolitan 200 - 300 meals are served for the first time in a while.

Address: 2-3-16 Yoshiwara Fuji City Shizuoka prefecture
Phone: 0545-52-0557
Opening Hours: 10: 00 ~ 18: 00 ※ Tickets Napolitan offers hours from 11 am to 3 pm. (It may be sold out)
Closed: Tuesday

Fujiyama NAVI Editorial Department Recommended Napolitan

* Café Sofarii (Sofa) *
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If you go up the entrance staircase that you would not miss anything, there is another world there.
Inside of the theme "Traveling cafe" is high ceiling, bookshelf with wall all over. Separate sofas are placed one by one to enjoy the comfort.
"Popcorn Napolitan Sofarii style" (830 yen) is characterized by Japanese noodles with thick soup and tomato combined with boiled meat stew.
Soup tangled firmly with noodles is masculine taste with cow ducks.

Address: 2-3-19 Yoshiwara Fuji City Shizuoka prefecture 2F
Phone: 0545-51-3555
Opening Hours: 【Lunch】 Monday - Friday 11: 30 ~ 15: 00 Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday: 11: 30 ~ 17: 00
Closed: Wednesday

* Le Bucket *
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Pasta specialty store where authentic French store opened.
"Tsuke Napolitan" (800 yen) that grand prix was awarded in the gourmet contest.
Fish and shellfish such as shrimp and squid and colorful vegetables varying according to the season are topped with noodles.
Tomato and French chicken broth soup is rich but sweet and fruity taste.
"Burning Napolitan" (950 yen) which added a cheese to soup is also popular.

Address: 5-10 Miyuki cho, Fuji-shi, Shizuoka Prefecture High-est Building 1F
Phone: 0545-51-4651
Opening hours: 11: 00-21: 00
Closed Friday: Monday


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