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New Fuji souvenir "FUJIYAMA Soap"

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The form of FUJIYAMA COOKIE was reproduced with soap, FUJIYAMA SEKKEN. There are three kinds of scents of green hiba, pink rosemary scent, beige lavender scent. Let's send you a nice everyday with easy-to-use feeling and cute looking soap.

Collaboration between Matsuyama Oil and FUJIYAMA COOKIE

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A new Mt. Fuji souvenir born in Kawaguchiko.
I have been visiting a special manufacturing soap plant that makes it fun to use everyday.
What are the thoughts and commitment put in FUJIYAMA SEKKEN where developers and plant chiefs struggle?
Perhaps you will want to use FUJIYAMA SEKKEN after reading this.

FUJIYAMA SEKKEN was born in collaboration with two brands having factories in Kawaguchiko.
FUJIYAMA COOKIE has a shop-owned factory on the shore of Lake Kawaguchiko, and there is particular attention to the shape of Mt. Fuji.
I also stick to the taste We use domestic materials and are baked carefully one by one every day.
FUJIYAMA SEKKEN was inspired by this FUJIYAMA COOKIE and produced by Matsuyama Oil and Fat with a history of soap making.

"Soap" and "feeling of use" Soap stuck to detail

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I knew the popular FUJIYAMA COOKIE as a souvenir and I was interested in that form.
Since each factory is located in Kawaguchiko, I came up with the idea of ​​making a soap in the shape of FUJIYAMA COOKIE from the viewpoint of creating a product that will lead to the revitalization of the area.
FUJIYAMA COOKIE knows that it sticks to "appearance" and "taste", soap has also stuck to both "appearance" and "use feeling".

In order to express the shape of cookie as much as possible, I made it from a mold making soap and stuck to irregularities on the surface.
"Make Mt Fuji shaped soap lay down overnight and keep snowing by hand one by one.
For that reason, there are somewhat rippling and diagonal, but it is also a taste due to manual work.
Manual processing that does not rely on machines is our first attempt at our company. "Uchiyama factory manager taught me.

Asking Mr. Hama's attention to the feeling of use "Since it is used everyday, I made adjustments by thinking about the thickness and effervescence that is familiar to the hand and is comfortable to use."
By using the soap base cooked with "kettle cooking recipe", a soap containing glycerin as a moisturizing ingredient can be made. Therefore, it is said that it does not take too much sebum film protecting the skin, and it becomes a washout with less sense of refinement.
Please feel this rinse and the comfort that natural essential oil fragrant gently.

Making traditional recipe soap with unusual labor and time spent now

Since the war, we have been making solid soaps for more than half a century since Showa 21.
Since its founding, that feeling of keeping attachment and respect in hand work does not change even if equipment and tools change.
"Kaka cooking method" which is the backbone of soap making is a manufacturing method that directly cook raw natural fat and oil with a kettle, it takes 100 hours from the preparation to the completion of the base.
Furthermore, it seems that it is difficult to change the reaction even if made from the same material and the same process.
It takes time and effort and inherits the tradition and technique of this manufacturing method which is now being used less frequently.

Until FUJIYAMA SEKKEN arrives at the customer

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FUJIYAMA SEKKEN will do the process at the Sumida Factory until natural fat and oil is made into a soap base.
Once the soap base is formed, it is transported to the Fuji Kawaguchiko factory 120 km away, and it is proceeded to the mixing, compression and demolding process.
As FUJIYAMA SEKKEN enters snowfalling manual work, the pace of production seems to be about 1/2 ~ 1/3 compared to the production line which makes general soap.
Fujimaya SEKKEN, which was snowed by hand one by one, lined up in a limited store in Fuji Goko area and reached as customer's hand as a souvenir for her as a gift for friends.

With FUJIYAMA SEKKEN as a conversation starter

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For Mr. Uchiyama of the factory manager, he answered "as a trigger of communication" to the question of "Mt. Fuji".
When working in a factory in Kawaguchiko, "Fuji" greets every morning as a greeting.
In addition, it seems that if a prototype of FUJIYAMA SEKKEN was placed on the desk, the female employee caught me interestingly.
"FUJIYAMA SEKKEN should also be a catalyst for communication.
Since building a factory in Mt. Fuji, I feel expectation and joyfulness as it is a commodity that is related to the local people that I made for the first time. "

A strong desire to deliver it to people of the world as soon as possible

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- Development staff Hama
"I think that you can use it as a souvenir by placing it in your bathroom / washbasin."
From the time I came up with FUJIYAMA SEKKEN, I developed with a strong feeling that I would like to deliver it to people around the world as soon as possible.
I am happy that you can think of soap that makes you enjoyable to use, such as a playful look, a fragrant scent of natural essential oil, and creamy foaming.

Fuji Kawaguchiko factory which was operated in 2005 and blessed with natural environment

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Fuji Kawaguchi Lake factory operation in 2005 from the idea that "Plants are blessed with natural environment and places where Mt. Fuji can be seen".
The Fujikawaguchiko Factory has a building area of ​​about 1,000 tsubo for the area of ​​5600 tsubo. We are keeping the grace of nature by minimal development.
Mr. Uchiyama served as factory manager for six years, "Every day I receive the benefits of Mt. Fuji.
Every morning, I received power from scenery that I see from the window of the house and the scenery that can be seen in the middle of work. "
There is also a factory shop familiar to the natural environment within the premises of the Fujikawaguchiko factory.


1165-1 Asakawa Kawaguchikocho Minamitsuru-gun Yamanashi Prefecture

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