Cherry-blossom viewing at Lake Yamanaka

Fine mountain and cherry blossoms match perfectly! Let's enjoy late cherry-blossom viewing in Lake Yamanaka

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Lake Yamanaka, which is said to be a treasure trove of nature, can enjoy various fun in spring, summer, autumn and winter. Also, in the area around Lake Yamanaka, where the high altitude is high, the spring visit is late than the downtown area, and those who missed the timing to see the cherry blossoms in full bloom give us a nice second chance. This time we will introduce the popular spots with a focus on "cherry blossoms", so please try it for future reference.


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The double cherry blossoms in full bloom, with Mt. Fuji backing up, are a perfect shooting spot with a very dynamic landscape.


As it is attached to the name "Mame", it is characterized by small trees and flowers, and because of its higher ability to withstand cold than common cherry blossoms, you can see beautiful flowers around the high mountain lake.
Since flowers are in a low position, you can taste the cherry blossoms up close and you will be able to experience the arrival of spring with scents.

Whether you are using the bus or going out by car, do not miss the chance to enjoy the cherry blossom viewing while having a free parking lot nearby.

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When double flowering petals overlap each other and flowers bloom at the time of flowering, the cherry blossoms are blooming as if celebrating the arrival of spring.
Cherry blossoms are characterized by the fact that flowering time is late than Fujisakura and enjoying flowers for a long time.

Facility information

【所在地】〒401-0502 山梨県南都留郡山中湖村平野
【Parking place】 Free
(Bus) 35 minutes by bus from Fujiyama Line "Fujiyama Station", 45 minutes by bus from "Gotemba Station" on JR Gotemba Line
(Car) 10 minutes by car from Higashifuji Five Lake Road "Yamanakako IC"


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Facility information

【Location】 Yamanakako village Yamanaka 1360-83 Yamanaka-gun, Minamitsuri district, Yamanashi prefecture 401-0501
【Phone】 0555-62-2111
【Number of rooms】 150 rooms

Cherry blossoms along Shoso river that you can enjoy light up in the evening

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Cherry blossoms will be in full bloom when it comes around GW in the usual direction along the Shinagawa Shinagawa flowing near Oshino Village.

Under the cherry blossom trees where Soy Yoshino continues for about 400 m, Shinagawa Shinagawa flows with rich water, and a magnificent Mt. Fuji can be seen from "Miyabashi" that takes place there.
The composition with this "Miyabashi" is becoming popular as a great shooting spot where you can put Mt. Fuji in the middle, and it is a place where many photographers are aiming for a shutter opportunity each year.
In the season when cherry blossoms are in full bloom, flowers such as daffodil are also blooming on the bank, so it is recommended as a walking course.

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Facility information

【Price】 Free
【Light Up】Yes
【駐車場】あり (100台 有料)
(Train · Bus) Fujiyuki From Fujiyama station to Fujikyu bus about 25 minutes "Oshino village" get off
(Vehicle) About 45 minutes from Tomei Express Gotemba IC




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