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Pirate ship / pleasure boat if Hakone Ashinoko! Which one is recommended?

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If you are to suppress the scenery of Lake Ashinoko, one of the highlights of sightseeing in Hakone Tourism, you can not remove a pleasure boat or a pirate ship that can be explored on the sea floatingly. This time, we gathered information on usage such as boarding time and price estimate, so please check it.

Speaking of Hakone trip Lake Ashi | There are "pirate ship" and "pleasure boat"?

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When commemorative pictures of relatives, friends and colleagues who went to Hakone travel are uploaded to SNS, there are ships like 'pirate ship' mostly seen.
There are two kinds of sightseeing ships operating in Ashinoko.

Ashinoko pleasure boat

One is called "Ashinoko Pleasure Boat", which is managed by the Izukan-Hakone Group.
There are 4 vessels in total, including Tenkomaru, Ashinoko Maru, Hakomaru, and the second top.

The inside of the ship is spacious with free seats, from the front of the first floor you can see the state of the captain who steers.
Also, the field of view ahead of the second floor has spread to 180 degrees and you can enjoy the scenery.
Furthermore, on sunny days you can watch the scenery from the deck, the outside air, the scenery.
Since there are many people taking pictures with Mt. Fuji and the surrounding scenery backed, do not forget to prepare your camera and smartphone.

Hakone pirate ship

The other is "Hakone pirate ship" operated by Hakone Tourist Boat Co., Ltd., which has all three of Royale II, Vaasa and Victory.

On the ship of the pirate ship there are staff dressed as pirates and you can take pictures together.
Also, if you pay a special fee, you can enjoy a rich boat trip with a soft sofa in a gorgeous special cabin.

【Pleasure boat】 Where should I go for boarding? What is the route and departure and arrival time?

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On the pleasure boat there are a 30-minute course, a 40-minute round course, a 70-minute round course around the Ashinoko lake.
It is a round-trip course at Hakone Seikatsu Train Minato · Honka Harbor · Hakone Koen Port · Lake Hirado Port, but the route changes depending on departing and arriving place.
Please note that it is only the 70th round tour course that stops at all ports.

Departure and departure time is divided into "spring, summer, autumn" from the end of March to the end of November and the time from December head to mid-March.
Spring, summer, and autumn are operated every day, and every port will start from 9 o'clock.
The number of times of last flight is increased by 1 in summer only, and the last flight is from 15 o'clock to 16 o'clock.
In the winter, the 30-minute course is operated only on weekends and year-end and New Year holidays, the 40 minutes and 70 minutes round course is operated every day, and the last flight is from 15 o'clock to 16 o'clock.

As the timetable may change, we recommend that you check on the Ashinoko Pleasure Boat site before you go out.

Ashinoko pleasure boat <30 minutes round course> Route

● Hakone Sekko Railway Port
· Departure from Hakone Sekiguchi-ken → Hakone-haru port → Hakone garden port → To Hubei port
· Return from Lake Port
Hakone Port
· From Hakone port → Hakone garden port → To Hokkaido port
· Return from Lake Port

Ashinoko pleasure boat <40 divide course> Route

● Hakone Koen Port
· From Hakone Garden harbor → Hakone Sekko Railway → To former Hakone
· Return from Hakone Port
· Departure from Hakone Garden harbor to Lake Akego
· Return from Lake Port

Ashinoko pleasure boat <70 divide course> route

● Lake Hill Port
· Hokkaido Harbor → Hakone Garden Port → Hakone Sekkei Train Station → To Hakone Port
· Return from Hakone Port

[Pirate ship] Where should I go to get aboard? What is the route and departure and arrival time?

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The route of the Hakone pirate ship resembles the route of the 70th round course of the Ashinoko pleasure boat.
Both Royale II, Vaasa and Victory will call at Taoyuan Taipei, Hakone Street Port, and Motokan Port.

What is the fare system for boarding tickets?

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The price of the Ashinoko pleasure boat is divided between regular pass and roundabout course.
Passenger tickets on regular passages can be chosen from one way and round-trip, and you can freely select the route connecting the four ports.

A round trip will be a boarding tick for each arrival and departure port. The charge increases with the length of boarding time and distance.
There is a free boarding ticket for both regular and roundtrip courses.
Please note that coupons offered are also offered, so it is a good idea to check them together.

The price of Hakone pirate ship is also divided into one way and round trip.
Also, if you add fees to both one way and return trip, you can use special cabin, fee will increase with length of ship time and distance.

There is no free ticket for a day on a pirate ship.
However, there is a thing called "pirate ship / ropeway 1 day ticket" in which "Hakone ropeway" and "pirate ship" are set.
The pirate ship and the ropeway are all-you-can-eat as well as a service that discounts the usage fee of some eating and drinking establishments.
There is also a thing called "Hakone free pass". Besides the Hakone Tozan Train, Hakone Tozan Cable Car, Hakone Ropeway, Hakone Pirate Ship, Hakone Tozan Bus, Odakyu Hakone Express Bus etc, you can get on and off part of the designated section freely.

What can you do if you take a pleasure boat / pirate ship? What sort of attractions can you drop in?

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Case of Ashinoko Pleasure Boat

Besides enjoying the landscape while moving, the pleasure boat can also take shipboard photos after sailing.
From the top of the lake you can shoot "Hakone Sekko" and "Peace Torii of Hakone Shrine" and a shipboard picture with Mt. Fuji backdrop on a sunny day, so SNS will shine.

We recommend taking a plan to take a boat from Lake Assi Port on a 70-minute round course, fully enjoy the Hakone-en Garden Aquarium on the way off at Hakone Garden Port and return to Hakozaki Port by boarding again from Hakone Garden Port.
Just looking at the scenery on a pleasure boat is not enough for traveling with a child or traveling with a young couple looks good.
In addition, it is recommended to climb Mt. Komagatake at Hakone Komagatake Ropeway near Hakone Garden Port.

In addition, there is "Hakone Ropeway" "Taoyuan Temple" station in the place about 5 minutes on foot from Kohri port.
If you move from Tomodachi station to Owakudani station, it will be a luxurious trip that you can enjoy not only the lake of Hakone but also the scenery from the sky!

In case of Hakone pirate ship

Although the route of the pirate ship is close to 1 hour roundtrip, it is also good to rely on sightseeing spots such as Sekiguchi and Hakone-ken on the way.
There are beautiful places of calm landscape, such as Hakone Shrine and Ginza Hakone park in Hakone.

It is also recommended as a means of transport that also serves as sightseeing for people who use public transportation as a means of transport as it is possible to get on board from the middle.

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