Fishing of Kawaguchiko

Let's enjoy fishing while watching Mt. Fuji!

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Lake Kawaguchi boasts the second area of ​​Fuji Five Lake and is located the most north. Because the Lake Kawaguchiko station and the Kawaguchiko IC on the central highway are nearby, the transportation is convenient and it is the base of sightseeing around Mt. Fuji. This time we will introduce the spots where you can fish a bass like this at Lake Kawaguchiko. There are lots of shops where you can rent fishing tackle, so you can enjoy fishing even if you visit by hand!

Kawaguchiko is the best fishing spot!

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Lake Kawaguchiko, one of Fuji Five Lake, is a famous spot as a place where black basses can catch.
There are many parking lots with toilets and rental boat shops, and the environment for enjoying fishing slowly is in place.

There is only a distance that can be reached on a day trip from Tokyo, and many anglers come to this Kawaguchi lake every year.
Learn about fishing points and cautions and enjoy bass fishing at Kawaguchiko!

Points to remember when fishing at Lake Kawaguchiko

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First of all, purchase the recycling fee and the recycling tax ticket!

In order to fish at Kawaguchiko, it is necessary to purchase tickets for recreational fishing and recreational fees and post them on places where they can be easily seen.

Even those who purchase yearly recreational fee tickets or season tickets must also purchase recycling tax tickets every time, so it is necessary to pay attention.

There are a large number (50 number of places) of dealers on the lake such as fishing tackle stores and boat shops, and the red climb is a landmark.
Also, convenience stores with red climbers in the vicinity also handle recycling tax tickets.

In the case of early morning, there are vending machines in two locations in front of Oike Park (next to the Royal Hotel) and Kawaguchiko Fishermen's Cooperative Center, so let's purchase there.

Possible recreation time / possible period

It is from 1 hour before sunrise to 1 hour after sunset and night fishing is prohibited.
Fishing can be enjoyed throughout the year, but wakasagi is banned from April 16th to September 30th.

Use of worms is forbidden

From 2007, the use of worms (mimetic bait made of flexible plastic, synthetic feed added) is prohibited in Kawaguchiko.
Since natural things are OK, let's enjoy with natural materials lures etc.

Let's check the discharge point

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The natural black bass inhabits Lake Kawaguchi, but also regularly releases a black basses.

On the website of Kawaguchiko Fishery Cooperative Association, the release schedule is announced.
After being released to the dawn, the release point will be uploaded to the homepage, so if you check it you will know the points which are easy to catch!

Also, if a truck carrying a large aquarium on the discharge day is stopped on the shore, it is a release truck.
It will be crowded for a while, but let's try it at the point where it was released.

Shops where boats can rent

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It is a boat shop near Kawaguchiko Station 3 minutes on foot from the famous bass fishing point called "Royal Wand".

You are renting electric boats and rowing boats, and you can buy fishing tickets.
I also do a phishing guide

Boat House Sakanaya

Bath fishing point It is a boat shop, also known as "Sakana and Wand".
Professional fishing classes and guide services are also substantial!

Kawaguchiko Fishery Cooperative's website is here

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