Autumn leaves in Yamanashi Prefecture

A view of Japan that Mt. Fuji and autumn leaves weave. Let's enjoy fall at the foot of Mount Fuji

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If you enjoy the autumn colors of Mt. Fuji, you want to search for the best spot. At the foot of Mt. Fuji there is a light up directing according to the time of autumn leaves and there are events where local specialties are sold. Also, for people who want to relax relaxingly, introduce day-trip hot springs and bathing facilities that leisurely while looking at the autumn leaves! Let's enjoy the autumn of Mt. Fuji to my heart's content.

Let's enjoy light ups and product goods at "Autumn Festival"

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"Kawaguchi-ko autumn leaves festival" Yamanashi prefecture Minamitsuru-gun Fujikawaguchiko Town / Kawaguchi Lake · West Lake · Lake Motosu · Scotland It is a leaf spot dotted on the shore lake side.
It will be held on the northern coast of Kawaguchiko.
(Contact: Fujikawaguchiko Tourism Division TEL: 0555-72-3168)

"Nagisa and autumn leaves Festival at Yamanakako Lake" Yamanashi Prefecture Minamitara district group Yamanakako village / The best scenery of Lake Yamanaka Spot "The Sunset Nagisa" Contained at the Asahika-hill area lakefront parkland park.
(Contact: Yamanakako Tourist Association TEL: 0555-62-3100)

"Maple Festival ~ a party to see the autumn leaves quietly" Yamanashi Prefecture Fujiyoshida City / Festival of the ancient Oi Festival of Fujiyoshida City Historical Folk Museum The area on the Momiji Road is vividly colored.
(Contact: (one good) Fujiyoshida Tourism Promotion Service TEL: 0555-21-1000)

I can not remove it here! Recommended autumn leaves 10 spots

1. Around Mt. Fuji Skyline
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"Fuji Skyline Surrounding" Shizuoka Prefecture Fujinomiya City / Magnificious Mt. Fuji is approaching near Mt. Fuji skyline area. In the middle of Mt. Fuji in a general vehicle, it is possible to go up to the altitude of about 2,400 m, and Fuji Skyline passes through it at that time.

The place called 2,400 m is Shizuoka / Fujinomiya mouth fifth consolidation which is also the gateway to Fuji climbing. The Mt. Fuji skyline, which has been chosen as one hundred ways of Japan's road, connects the Fujinomiya mouth fifth consecutive eyes from the foot of Mount Fuji. Fuji skyline with outstanding view is perfect for driving. However, caution is necessary as cars may not be able to pass according to the time, such as regulation of cars.

<Road information>
■ "Mountain climbing section" Regulation of cars: mid-July to mid-September, winter Road closure: mid-November to late April
■ "Round section": except heavy rain and heavy snow, passing through all year

2. Around Mitsuru Kamisu waterfall
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"Around Mitsuzu Temple Falls" Yamanashi Prefecture Minami Toshinari Furusato-cho / The foot of Mitsu-Pass Mountain counted in Yamanashi Hakusan Mountain.
 (問合せ先:西桂町産業振興課 TEL0555-25-2121)

Mitsutoge is a mountain located at the boundary between Tsurumi City in Yamanashi Prefecture, Nishi Kuri Town and Fuji Kawaguchiko Town, which is not actually a pass. As you climb the mountain climbing here, you can see the Kamizu waterfall. Waterfall of various sizes continues, water of the waterfall flows over the rock. Autumn leaves color in autumn and you will be fascinated by the beauty of the waterfall.

3. Oyukyu (Oyukya) (Mt. Fuji)
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A popular hidden popular spot "Oyado, Okuwa (Fuji Fifth consecutive)" Yamanashi Prefecture Minami Toshin Gun Narusawa Village / Subaru Line Fifth consecutive The parking lot is a little short, the summit side is the garden and the foot side is the back garden.
(Contact: Fujinomiya Tourist Association Tel 0544-27-5240)

This is inside the route where ordinary people can walk, it is the route named Oku, Garden, Midway. There are plenty of nature around here, you can see the various alpine plants blooming along the way, and magnificent views of Mt. Fuji.

Facility information
■ Access
From Chuo Road Kawaguchiko IC, take the 139 toward the main lake area, turn left at the entrance signal (submarine intersection) at the Subaru line, and continue for about 1 hour along the Fuji Subaru line as it is

4. Lake Tanuki

"Lake Tanuki" Shizuoka Prefecture Fujinomiya City / A luck blessed with abundant nature in one corner of Asaegumakogen.
Diamond Fuji of Tanuki Lake is also said to be double diamond Fuji because the appearance of the morning sun rising from the summit of Mt. Fuji glittering light is also reflected on the lake surface.
(Contact: Fujinomiya Tourist Association Tel 0544-27-5240)

5. Yoshidaga mountain climbing (Naka-no-ya store ~ ​​Ma Ji back)

"Yoshidaga mountain climbing path (Nakanonchaya ~ Majo)" Yamanashi prefecture Fujiyoshida City / I can enjoy forest bathing and autumn leaves of Pinus densiflora forest while thinking history of ancient climbing paths.
(Contact: (one good) Fujiyoshida Tourism Promotion Service Tel 0555-21-1000)

6. Maru Fire Natural Park

"Maru Fire Nature Park" Shizuoka Prefecture Fujinomiya City / A park with a 100 hectare area built in the natural forest.
(Contact: Fuji City Tourism Division Tel 0545-55-2777)

7. Red Line, Aokigahara jikai
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"Akiyadai · Aokigahara jikai" Yamanashi prefecture Nantoyori gun Narusawa village / In front is a majestic Mt. Fuji and a vast Aokigahara jikai spread out.
(Inquiries: Michi no Eki Information TEL 0555-85-3900)

8. Sutsugawa Valley

"Sutsu River Valley" Shizuoka Prefecture Fuji City / It is said to be the most beautiful valley of Akitakuyama system, there are highlighted waterfalls of 21 meters in height and attractions such as the suspension bridge called Takimi-bashi, as well as autumn leaves that glitter in magnificent nature I can do it.
(Contact: Fuji City Tourism Division Tel 0545-55-2777)

9. Chichibu Memorial Park

"Chichibu Palace Memorial Park" Shizuoka Prefecture Gotemba City / The garden is blessed with abundant nature, you can enjoy autumn leaves while feeling old-fashioned houses and wooden paths of the roof of the roof with nostalgia. (Entrance fee)
(Contact: Chichibu Memorial Park Tel 0550-82-5110)

10. Higashiyama Okobo residence

"Higashiyama Okishimachi residence" Shizuoka prefecture Gotemba city / Higashiyama Okishima residence was built as a former prime minister's former prime minister in 1969 (Showa 44 years), and Mr. Kish spent the last 17 years here.
(Contact: Higashiyama Okishimachi residence 0550-83-0747)

Look at the autumn leaves and leisurely go to hot water. One-day hot spring bathing facilities

Hokkaido Onsen health center
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"The Emperor's Hot Spring Health Center" Shizuoka Prefecture Gotemba City / The facility to be built at the foot of Fuji, on the Gotemba Plateau surrounded by rich nature.
It features a number of outdoor baths making full use of the location facing Mt. Fuji, such as a log house style hinoki bath and a bath with lava from Mt. Fuji.

Fujiyama Onsen

"Fujiyama Onsen" Yamanashi Prefecture Fujiyoshida City / Japan's largest net wooden bathroom making full use of the traditional construction method of Hida Takayama,
It is characterized by hot water blended with fountain quality of "magnesium · calcium · sodium - bicarbonate · sulfate · chloride chloride" which is extremely rare across the country. The location where Mt. Fuji is facing front is also attractive.

Natural hot spring pretens

"Natural Hot Spring Care Baby" Shizuoka Prefecture Gotemba City / Located within the leisure facility "Tokinosu".
In addition to the inner bath and the outdoor bath, you can enjoy a variety of baths such as Tokusui which blended herbal medicine, Salt bath of Dead Sea, Mu Bing stone sauna and Bincho charcoal bath, tourmaline bath and so on.

Yamanakako Onsen Benifujino-Yu Onsen

"Yamanakako Hot Spring Red Fuji no Yu" Yamanashi Prefecture Minami Towne Group Yamanakako Village / Alkaline Simple Hot Springs with PH 10.3 and a fine quality spring.
On sunny days, you can enjoy the views of Mt. Fuji from both open-air baths and mad spas.
Facilities such as sleeping hot water, bubble hot water, and source hot spring water are substantial.

Fuji Tianmo no yu

"Fuji Tianmo no yu" Shizuoka prefecture Fujimiya shi / Fuji's footpath, a bathing facility in a quiet forest.
A view overlooking Suruga Bay on sunny days The outdoor bath is a dandruff hot water containing good herbs for health.
Access is also good from Shiraito Falls and Lake Tanuki.

Yamanakako Hirano Onsen Ishiwari-no-Yu Onsen

"Yamanakako Lake Hirano Onsen Ishikura no yu" Yamanashi Prefecture Fujiyoshida City / Using plenty of chestnuts,
It is a unique building of wooden dome style that made use of beam set from ancient times.
You can enjoy high alkaline hot spring of PH 9.6 with hinoki, rock outdoor bath, sleeping hot water and so on.

How about such a roundabout course? Introduce recommended 5 places!

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Kawaguchiko Sta.

Kawaguchiko station / start from "Kawaguchiko station" which is also a gateway to Mt. Fuji sightseeing!
It is also a highway bus stop from various places in Tokyo, and this station, which is also the end point of the Fuji Express line, is always crowded with many people.

Uenoyama Park Tick Tropical Ropeway

It is approximately 10 minutes by Bus from the Tsuchiyama Park Ticket Mountain Ropeway / Kawaguchiko Station.
I arrive at "Tenjozan Park Tacky Mountain Ropeway".
From the ropeway you can see the lake Kawaguchi, from the observation deck of the summit you can enjoy the base of Mt. Fuji which has fallen red in autumn leaves.

Fujiyama cookie head office

Fujiyama cookie head office / It is a popular cookie shop, a pretty Mt. Fuji shape at the foot of "Ticking Mountain Ropeway".
There are limited goods sold every season, and in this fall "sweet potato" flavor is recommended!

Fuji Subaru Line Fifth Stage Fujikyu Unzenkaku

Fuji Subaru Line Fifth Stage Fujikyu Unzukakako / Fuji Subaru Line Yoshidaguchi 5th Stage, which is also the gateway to Mount Fuji.
You can enjoy the autumn colors of the surrounding mountains overlooking a height of about 2,300 meters.
There is also a "small prison shrine" which is also a power spot, and you can also touch Mt Fuji culture!

Fujiyama Onsen

Fujinami Onsen / High altitude Fuji Goko area will be cool down in the evening.
You can warm up the body and refresh the hot springs that will come to you before you leave.
"Fujiyama hot spring" which is also a natural hot spring is also popular as hot water of beautiful skin.

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