Autumn leaves in Yamanashi Prefecture

A view of Japan that Mt. Fuji and autumn leaves weave. Let's enjoy fall at the foot of Mount Fuji

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If you enjoy the autumn colors of Mt. Fuji, you want to search for the best spot. At the foot of Mt. Fuji there is a light up directing according to the time of autumn leaves and there are events where local specialties are sold. Also, for people who want to relax relaxingly, introduce day-trip hot springs and bathing facilities that leisurely while looking at the autumn leaves! Let's enjoy the autumn of Mt. Fuji to my heart's content.

Let's enjoy light ups and product goods at "Autumn Festival"

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At the foot of Mt. Fuji, it is beautifully colored with autumnal leaves around Fuji Goko, but as the area holds autumnal leaves festivals and viewing events, if you go to your favorite autumn leaves festival that was right for everyone's sightseeing spot What do you think? The scenery of autumn leaves is a masterpiece.

1. Fujikawaguchiko autumn leaves Festival

The "Fuji Kawaguchiko Lake Autumn Festival Festival" to be held around Kawaguchiko each year held in November every year is crowded with "Momiji Corridor" filled with stomach with autumn leaves, and its surroundings are opened through eating and drinking, souvenirs and craft malls. We have set up a stage in the hall.

It is lighted up during the period from sunset to night, and the autumn leaves beautifully color in the night.

Facility information

■ Location: Yamanashi Prefecture Minamitsuru-gun, Fujikawaguchiko-machi estuary
■ Telephone: 0555-72-3168 / Fujikawaguchiko Town Tourism Division
■ Price: Free
■ Time: Walking freely
■ Closed: No rest
■ Parking lot: parking lot is temporary parking lot only during event period, so parking lot is not available except period.

2. Lake Yamanaka Nagisa at sunset The autumn leaves Festival

Every autumn, the mountain lake turns red in autumn leaves, centering on the Asahikaoka Lakeside Green Park. In the "Sunset Nagisa / Autumn Festival Festival" that light up autumn leaves at night, they light up the 600 m autumnal leaves corridor and visit us not only from the local residents but also from the whole country for the autumn leaves of Yamanakako.

■開催場所:山中湖 旭日丘湖畔緑地公園 
■ Location: Yamanakako village Minami Toshin Gun, Yamanashi Prefecture 401 0502 Hirano Asahi-ko Hill Lakeside Green Park
■ Telephone: Yamanakako Tourist Association 0555-32-3100
■ Date: October 27 (Friday) to November 12 (Sun) from Heisei 30
■ Light up time: from 16: 30 to 21: 00
■ Transport:
(Car) National Highway Route 138 (From Kagasaka Pass) Turn right at Asahi-ji Hill

3. Maple Festival ~ A party to see the autumn leaves quietly ~

It is held in Fujiyoshida City as one of autumn leaves events in fall of the Fuji North Foot every year from late October to early November. When the corridors of Irohaomomji of about 180 m show coloring, the contrast of color with Mt. Fuji attracts visitors.

■ Location: Kamiyoshida, Fujiyoshida City 2288-1
■電話: ふじよしだ観光振興サービス  0555-21-1000
■ Duration: 2017/10/28 (Saturday) to 2017/11/12 (Sunday) End
■ Location: Fujiyoshi Museum Area

I can not remove it here! Recommended autumn leaves 10 spots

1. Around Mt. Fuji Skyline

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"Fuji Skyline Surrounding" Shizuoka Prefecture Fujinomiya City / Magnificious Mt. Fuji is approaching near Mt. Fuji skyline area. In the middle of Mt. Fuji in a general vehicle, it is possible to go up to the altitude of about 2,400 m, and Fuji Skyline passes through it at that time.

The place called 2,400 m is Shizuoka / Fujinomiya mouth fifth consolidation which is also the gateway to Fuji climbing. The Mt. Fuji skyline, which has been chosen as one hundred ways of Japan's road, connects the Fujinomiya mouth fifth consecutive eyes from the foot of Mount Fuji. Fuji skyline with outstanding view is perfect for driving. However, caution is necessary as cars may not be able to pass according to the time, such as regulation of cars.

Facility information

■ Location: Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture 418-0047
■ Telephone: 0544-22-1155 (Fujinomiya City Tourism Division)
■ Price: Free
■ Parking: Yes
■ Mountain climbing route: Fujinomiya mouth route
■ Traffic regulation:
(Summer) from July to September ※ traffic is prohibited by regulation of the car
(Winter season) Traffic danger is prohibited in the mountaineering section from mid-November to April. Freedom of traffic during opening
■ Transport:
(Car) From Tomei Fuji IC via R 139, 1 hour to Yamanashi direction
(Train) JR Tokaido Main Line Mishima Station, or JR Tokaido Shinkansen Shin-Fuji Station · Tokaido Line Fuji Station · Boryoko Line Fujinomiya Station. Or use a high-speed bus from JR Shizuoka station (in summer only).

2. Around Mitsuru Kamisu waterfall

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Mitsutoge is a mountain located at the boundary between Tsurumi City in Yamanashi Prefecture, Nishi Kuri Town and Fuji Kawaguchiko Town, which is not actually a pass. As you climb the mountain climbing here, you can see the Kamizu waterfall. Waterfall of various sizes continues, water of the waterfall flows over the rock. Autumn leaves color in autumn and you will be fascinated by the beauty of the waterfall.

Facility information

■ Location: Nishitsuri-machi, Minamitsuru-gun Bottomland
■ Telephone: 0555-25-2121
■ Nearest station: Fuji Express Line Mitsukige Station
■ Parking lot: 5 buses, usually 30 cars
■ Transportation Access:
(Vehicle) Nearest Express Bus Central Route 25 minutes by car from Nishi-guchi-dô IC

3. Oyukyu (Oyukya) (Mt. Fuji)

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A popular hidden popular spot "Oyado, Okuwa (Fuji Fifth consecutive)" Yamanashi Prefecture Minami Toshin Gun Narusawa Village / Subaru Line Fifth consecutive The parking lot is a little short, the summit side is the garden and the foot side is the back garden.

This is inside the route where ordinary people can walk, it is the route named Oku, Garden, Midway. There are plenty of nature around here, you can see the various alpine plants blooming along the way, and magnificent views of Mt. Fuji.

■ Telephone: 0544-27-5240 (Fujinomiya Tourist Association)
■ Transport
(Car) From the Kawaguchiko IC on Chuo Road, take line 139 to the main lake area, turn left at the entrance signal (submarine intersection) at the Subaru line, continue for about 1 hour on foot along the Fuji Subaru Line

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