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Cozy and economical! Cabin & Lounge Highland Station Inn! 2 minutes walk from the Fuji-Q Highland!

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富士急ハイランドに遊びに来たら、一日満喫したいですよね! 今回は富士急ハイランドから徒歩3分の場所にある、オープンしたてのカプセルホテル「キャビン&ラウンジ ハイランドステーション イン」をご紹介します。リーズナブルになるべくいい所に泊まりたいという方にオススメです。富士急ハイランドの「開園15分前優先入園」や「入園無料」等の特典も満載です!


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2017年4月27日に、富士急ハイランド公式カプセルホテル「キャビン&ラウンジ ハイランドステーション イン」がオープンしました。富士急ハイランドまで徒歩3分の「安い」「便利」「清潔」を兼ね備えたカジュアルなホテルとして人気が高まっており、平日1泊4,000円~、休前日4,300円~という、とっても嬉しい価格設定です。「富士急ハイランド公式ホテル」なので、宿泊者特典も満載!個室は全部で154室あり、グループからおひとり様まで幅広くご利用可能です。

Convenient access to any sightseeing spots!

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Variety of amenities and security make you feel safer.

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Speaking of the capsule hotel, there's always has the impression that is not safe enough for women. In Cabin & Lounge Highland Station Inn the first floor is the female only area while the 2nd floor is for men. Each area can be accessed by the security card. In addition, basic cosmetics such as makeup cleanser, lotion, hairdresser and hair iron are also prepared in the female exclusive area, it's a female-friendly hotel.

Spacious room and comfortable mattress! Restaurant and 24h convenience stores just nearby.

Each room with a width of 120 cm, a depth of 210 cm, and a height of 120 cm, so there is no feeling cramped as it is equipped with all semi-double size beds. Also, since all private rooms are equipped with USB power supply, charging of smartphone is also possible, and free Wi-Fi is also available.

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There are lots of facilities around the hotel: convenience store, Izakaya(Japanese restaurant), Mountain climbing equipment rental shop all in a 1-minute walk! As a free shuttle bus is also in operation, easily go to "Fujiyama hot spring" to enjoy the traditional Japanese Onsen!

Cabin & Lounge Highland Station Inn

Address ■: Funji Kawaguchiko Cho Funatsu 6663-11 Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture 401-0301
■ Check-in: 15: 00
■ Check-out: 10: 00
■ Parking: Free
■ Credit card: VISA, Master,JCB, American Express, Diners Club, Unionpay

【Information as of 2017/07】

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