Autumn leaves in Yamanashi Prefecture

紅葉×ドライブ | 富士山周辺でオススメの紅葉コースをご紹介

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Why not have your date with the one you love? Enjoy the red leaves and joyride.

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It's perfect for the date because there is a seasonal feeling to drive to watch the favorite people and autumn leaves in the autumn date plan! Fuji in Yamanashi Prefecture, there are many joyride spots where you can see Mt. Fuji and autumn leaves, so please visit the autumn leaves spots freely around your favorite places.

When is the best timing for joyride?

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The autumnal leaves near Mt. Fuji gradually comes down from Mt. Fuji toward the foot, and gradually start to color from around mid-October in the year. The peak of autumn leaves at the foot is from mid-November to late November. This time is the best time to enjoy autumn leaves, such as lighting up autumn leaves and holding events at various locations around Fuji Five Lake Area.

Introduce you the best spots to admire the autumn leaves

1. The Asahigaoka Lakeside Green Park

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The Asahigaoka Lakeside Green Park which will be held every autumn as a venue for the "Sunset Nagisa / Autumn red leaves festival" is one of the spots you would like to visit when you watch the autumn leaves of Yamanakako. The time of the festival is held according to the best time of year, from late October to early November it will be the best time to see the autumn leaves in the park. In the evening, you could walk through the 600 m autumn leaves corridor on the lake to and from here and it has a fantastic atmosphere.

There is also a free parking lot is also available, and there is also a viewing deck on the lakeside that can see Lake Yamanaka and Mt. Fuji. While driving around Yamanakako with a drive, stop by this park and slowly see the autumn leaves.

Facility information

【所在地】〒401-0502 山梨県南都留郡山中湖村平野
【Parking place】 Free

2. Yamanakako shinsui park (Nagaike Water Park)

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The Yamanakako Water Park is known as the "Double Diamond Fuji"(When the sun comes up to the top of Mt. Fuji) viewpoint, but autumn leaves also beautifully color around October - November. As there is a parking lot on the road side of the park, stop by while driving and take a look at Mt. Fuji and autumn leaves.

Facility information

【所在地】〒401-0502 南都留郡 山中湖村平野

3. Yamanakako panoramic viewing platform

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It is in the middle of the prefectural road from Yamanakako to Mikuni Toge Pass. From the panoramic stand you can see Lake Yamanaka, over there you can see Mt. Fuji. Depending on the weather you may also see the Southern Alps. In the autumn it becomes a field of Japanese pampas grass, and the scenery of Mt. Fuji and the Japanese pampas grass will be illuminated by the sunset.

However, although it is a place with a good view, on the other hand, it is popular as well, and it may be filled with tourists and cars all the time, so it is good to arrive at the panorama early and wait for the sunset slowly.

Facility information

【Location】 401-0502 Yamanakako-mura Hirano Minamitsuru-gun

4. Dbservation Deck of Koyodai

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As a place where the autumn leaves can be seen beautifully, there is the observation stand rest house of the autumn foliage. The view you want from the view rest house is a magnificent spot where you can see the mountains of Mt. Fuji and Aokigahara trees. If it is sunny it will look beautifully expands to the base of Mt. Fuji.

It costs 150 yen to go up to the observation deck of the rest house, but if you can see this superb view, it can be said that it is a very reasonable price setting

The observation deck of the autumn foliage The rest house is located in the south of the West Lake and can enter the road leading from the national highway 139 to the observation deck, but the way to the rest house is not in a good condition, in order to go by car It is necessary to prepare for it. You will arrive at the Observatory Rest House in 10 minutes by car.

Facility information

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