Autumn leaves in Yamanashi Prefecture

Autumn leaves × hot springs | Introducing popular hot spring spots that can be seen from the outdoor bathscape

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Introducing carefully selected hot springs that can enjoy autumn leaves. If you are going to see the autumn leaves, do not you want to see the autumnal leaves luxuriously immersed in hot springs and the magnificent view that you can see Mt. Fuji?

Luxury that you can appreciate colored leaves while looking at hot springs

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It is the real pleasure of autumn to winter to enjoy hot springs. However, if you have places where you can appreciate the autumn leaves from the outdoor bath, not only will you get to a hot spring, but the impression will further doubled. And in the Yamanashi area, depending on the location, you can appreciate Mt. Fuji, so there are hot springs, autumn leaves, and luxurious Mt. Fuji, which you can only experience here.

1. Beautiful light-up "Yamanako Hot Spring Red Fuji no Yu"

​ ​"Beni Fuji (Red Fuji) no Yu" is the best spot for the red leaves and Mt. Fuji admiration!

In the autumn season the trees are colored with autumn leaves, and after the sunset, the light up is also fabulous, the view is fantastic! In winter, you can also see the magnificent Mt. Fuji such as Red Fuji and Diamond Fuji, which means the Mt. Fuji with sunset, and the Sun comes up to the top of Mt. Fuji! You can also visit the famous sightseeing spots such as Oshino Hakkai and Hana no Miyako Park with good access from here!

There is a sauna in the bathhouse and a separate outdoor onsen for men and women. The price includes the rental pajama so you come here even without any preparations!

Facility information

■ Location: Yamanakako Village Yamanaka 865-776 Yamanaka-gun, Minamitsuru-gun Yamanashi Prefecture 401-0501
■ Telephone: 0555-20-2700
■ Business hours: From 10:00 to 21:00 (final reception is 20:30)
■ Fee: Adult 800 yen / Student 600 yen / elementary school student 300 yen
Closed Day: Tuesday (holiday · Golden Week · July ~ September · New Year's holiday is open)
■ Transportation Access:
(Car) From Yamanakako IC to the Yamanakako area, about 3 minutes.
​ ​Parking lot capactiy: 220​ ​

【Information at the time of 2017/12】

2. Fluent autumn leaves at open-air bath "Doshigawa Onsen 紅 椿 の 湯"

In Yamanashi Prefecture, a village called Doshi, there is a hot spring facility "Benitsubaki no Yu". It is surrounded by mountains here and it is a natural and rich place where Doshi River is flowing nearby.

Beside the outdoor onsen, there are lots of style of onsen you can use!

In the open-air onsen, you can spend a relaxing moment while listening to the flow of autumn leaves and rivers. It is also the charm of an outdoor onsen that you can feel the four seasons such as spring and summer.

Facility information

■ Location: Minami Toshinbu District, Yamanashi Prefecture Doshishimura Komaki 3888
■ Telephone: 0554-20-4500
Opening Hours: 10 o'clock to 21 o'clock (until 20 o'clock in Winter)
■ Fee:
Weekday adult 1000 yen, Saturdays and Sundays (3 hours) Adult 1000 yen, Saturday and Sunday (1 hour extension) Adult 300 yen, Saturday and Sunday 1 day Adult 1800 yen
Weekday dwarf 500 yen, Saturdays and Sundays (3 hours) Children 500 yen, Saturday and Sunday (1 hour extension) 150 yen for dwarf, Saturdays and Sundays 1 day dwarf 900 yen
Closed: Open all year round
■ Transport:
(Car) From Uenohara IC or Sagami Lake IC on the central highway, head national highway 413 towards Yamanakako towards Yamanakako, then after about 20 minutes you will see a sign of "Komazaku no yu" on the left so that you can get off the river Turn left.

【Information at the time of 2017/12】

3. Luxurious outdoor bath that wants nature "Sora Sora Transfer Moon gold dragon"

​ ​SORA Togetsuso Kinryu has a "Hikari Outdoor Onsen" that looks for natural forests and "Sunset Outdoor Onsen" by overlooking the whole town, and which autumn leaves landscape is burning in mind You can enjoy it at the hot spring.

In addition to being an accommodation facility, it is also possible for a traveler to have a nice onsen so if you want to heal your tiredness and indulge in the autumn leaves.

Facility information

■ Location: Shuzenji Izu City Shizuoka prefecture 3455
■ Telephone: 0558-72-0601
Day-trip onsen: 11:30 to 16:00 (last reception)
Fee: Adult 1500 yen, elementary school student 1200 yen, kindergarten 1000 yen (towel 200 yen)
■ Transport:
(Train) It takes about 7 minutes by taxi from Izu-Hakone Railway Shuzenji Station.
(Car) It is about 35 minutes from Tomei express number Numazu IC via Izu Long-term road and Izu central passage.

【Information at the time of 2017/12】

4. Open-air hot-spring bath boasts a view, "Hotel Green Plaza Hakone"

This resort hotel boasts a view of Mount Fuji. In autumn we think that hot springs are attractive seasons, but in this large public bath, we use hot spring from the cherished Sengokuhara Onsen.

Even when you finish your onsen, your body still keeping the warmth. The outdoor onsen called "Fujimi Onsen" which means You can see the Mt. Fuji while soaking yourself in the onsen! The wonderful moment is hard to describe by words.

There is room type "Fujimi Japanese style room" which you can see the autumn leaves and Mt. Fuji from the window even in the room to stay. It is recommended for those who want to spend relaxing while looking at the scenery in the room.

Facility information

■ Location: Sengokuhara, Hakone-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa ken 1244-2
■ Telephone: 0570-092-489
Business hour: 12:00 to 15:00 (final admission)
Closed day: 1st and 3rd Thursday
■ Fee: Adult 1600 yen, elementary school student 700 yen (with towel)
■ Transport:
(Train) 35 minutes by bus from Hakone-yumoto station, 5 minutes walking from Young bus stop.
(Car) It is about 25 minutes by car from Tominori Gotemba IC. 3 minutes on foot from Ropeway Yoko Station
■ Parking: Yes (free)

【Information as of 2017/08】

5. "Hakone Hotel Kowakien Garden" with Hakone's deep green and expressive seasons

Hakone 's deep green and expressive seasons, which have long been loved as a representative resort in Japan, will attract the hearts of visitors.

It is also recommended as an accommodation, but for people who want to use it easily, a day plan is also prepared, so it is a pleasing plan for those who want to use only hot springs.

In the beautiful garden where the stream of Hakone Forest runs, there is a public bath with open-air bath "Soga no yu" On the open-air bath you can enjoy the openness surrounded by trees. In autumn the beautiful leaves of autumn leaves will welcome you.

Facility information

■ Location: Hirasawa, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan's flat 1297
■ Telephone: 0460-82-4111
​ ​Day-trip Onsen: Adult 1,650 yen / Child 1,050 yen
■ Opening Hours: 9: 00-18: 00 (It will be admitted 30 minutes ago)
■ Parking: Yes
■ Transportation Access:
(Train) Private Rail Odakyu Line Hakone Yamamoto Station → Bus towards Hakone-Hakone · Hakone-machi about 20 minutes, get off at Kowakien Garden → walk about 1 minute
(Car) Odawara Atsugi Road Hakone Exit IC from National Highway No. 1 about 10 km 30 minutes

【Information at the time of 2017/12】

6. The famous hot spring of the Tama River source flow "Tenneni hot spring nodding hot water"

From Road Station Tabayama, cross the suspension bridge ahead, there is "Nomekoi Yu" which is said to be the famous onsen(hot spring) of the Tama River source flow.
Each bath has an elegant Roman bath with its own taste and a Japanese-style bath with Hinoki.

It is surrounded by mountains and you can enjoy autumn leaves from the onsen. Because it is attached to the road station, it is good that you come and get touring and driving easily. Towels can be rented, so please use those who forgot the towel.

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