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Have fun in Mt. Fuji in winter! Popular spots in winter that you can experience Mt. Fuji thoroughly!

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When it is winter, it is packed with fun events unique to winters, such as skiing and snowboarding. It is also good to visit with families and as a couple, and outdoor traveling and playing in Mt. Fuji in winter is also exceptional, as it is staying in nature as it is by camping as it is. This time we will introduce popular activity spots that you can enjoy in the second station of World Heritage Mt. Fuji, which is recommended for such winter season.

Mt. Fuji can be enjoyed even in winter! Weekends for two nights and winter sports trip as well

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After December when full winter comes, you can enjoy play which can only be enjoyed in winter than the other seasons. For example, it is a sloping area in the vicinity of Mt. Fuji, which is recommended as a playground where children like 5 years old can enjoy such as skiing, snowboarding, and snowball fighting! In Yamanashi and Shizuoka prefecture, the 2nd station of Mt. Fuji will be your best choice If you want to indulge your time with Mt. Fuji and you'll be satisfied.

Winter season where the air is clear and the scenery looks beautiful

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Compared with other seasons in winter, it is said that the air is clean and clear. This is because there are fewer dirty substances such as dust contained in the atmosphere in the winter, and the amount of water vapor decreases as it is further dried, making it easier to see the distant scenery and stars in the night sky compared to spring etc.

Mt. Fuji is also accessible in winter?

Mountain tops of Mt. Fuji cannot enter because climbing regulations are applied in the winter season. The Yoshida route (Yoshidaguchi Fifth station · Izumi waterfall ~ mountaintop) on the side of Yamanashi prefecture, which is crowded with climbers in the summer season, is closed in winter (September is full of road closure) after September and to go to the second stop For the fifth station SUBARU line - Yoshidaguchi Gokugo, from around November, the winter season will be closed entirely.

However, as we are going to introduce you this time, playing at Mt. Fuji is located in the second station of Mt. Fuji, so it is possible to travel even in winter. It is also good to go to Mt. Fuji in the winter with safety in winter.

When driving, as the road surface tends to be slippery due to snow in Mt. Fuji direction, preparing winter tires is a good idea.

What is the weather / temperature in Mt. Fuji in winter?

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The temperature is quite cold compared to Tokyo, the average temperature in December is 3 to 5 degrees Celsius at the highest, and it cools down to freezing point when it is the lowest. Of course there are snow, etc, so prepare thorough preparations such as thick jumpers, gloves, hats, goggles, boots etc. for when you fall by skiing or snowboarding.

Skiing is enjoyed at the ski resort 'Yeti', which is located on the second station of Mt. Fuji, also the earliest opened ski resort in winter.

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On the Mt. Fuji 2nd station ski resort "Yeti" is a winter activity spot that you can enjoy with your family. In Yeti this year in 2017, the earliest in Japan, opening on 10th October 6th (Friday), you can enjoy the winter's play.

Yeti last year was opened on October 21, but this time it will be a much earlier winter opening by updating the record of last year greatly. Approximately two weeks before the opening, we plan to make the facilities capable of making snow irrespective of the outside temperature 24 hours full operation, and on the day of October 6 that we will be open, we plan to make a 1 km long slope. This length is a ski resort that will be the earliest opened ski resort in Japan for 19 consecutive years!

Elegantly ski with slopes for beginners to enjoy
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In Yeti, in addition to the slopes for beginners, there are also four diverse slopes that can be fully enjoyed by middle and advanced players. The running distance is the course that covers the entire length of 1 km, introduced earlier. It is also perfect as a training course to enjoy full-fledged skiing and to refine techniques such as carving.

Snowboard? Of course!
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In addition to the four slopes, there are abundant lineups from beginner to advanced at jib park where you can freely enjoy with items such as snowboarding, boxes, and rails.

Snow playing with small children at the snow playing square!

Sleigh dedicated slopes using slopes can be used at "Snowy Play Square" which is also pleasing to those who can not ski and snowboarding. Children who touch snow for the first time can play as much as you want with snowball fights and snowmen. Let's take a break at a free rest area called "Kids Room" if you are tired of playing snow.

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Take a break in the kids room!

From the metropolitan area close to day trips

It is located in Susono City, Shizuoka Prefecture, at the foot of Mt. Fuji, about 120 km from Shinjuku, it takes about 2 hours by car from Shinjuku by using the Tomei Expressway.
If you go by car to Nagano Prefecture and Niigata prefecture famous for snow leisure, you will spend more time and it will be hard to ski on a day trip.

Skiing and snowboarding are possible without having to prepare equipment in Yeti!

In addition to the runway tickets, snowboarding tools such as ski set (board & stock & boots), snowboard set (board & boots), and wear are lent out when using Yeti facilities. Hats, gloves, and goggles cannot be rented, so please bring them.

Snowtown Yeti

Address ■: Suuyama Fujiwara Susono Shizuoka prefecture 410-1231 2428
■ Telephone: 055-998-0636
■ Business hours: Weekday 9: 00-21: 00 Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 8: 00-21: 00 (All Night 15: 30 - the next morning 8: 00)
※ 1/1 ~ 1/3 is a weekend holiday fee.
* Even within the business term, we operate due to weather and condition failure
Parking fee:
· Free on weekdays
· Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays parking fee (per unit)
・普通車 1,000円
・マイクロバス 1,500円
· Bus (large, medium, small) 1,500 yen
■ Mail magazine benefits
■ Transport:
(Car) About 20 minutes via the south outside road from Tomei Expressway Susono IC · About 30 minutes via the Mt. Fuji skyline from Tomei Expressway Gotemba IC
(Express bus) About 135 minutes by Yeti liner bus from Shinjuku station

【Information as of 2017/09】

Enjoy winter camp while watching the night sky at Campica Fuji Grinpa

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Speaking of camping, people who use well in the summer, people who are associated are also many, winter camping is also exceptional. Outdoor fun unique to winter cannot be enjoyed except in spring and summer. Here at Campica Fuji Ginpa, which opens even in winter, so why do not you try experiencing winter, such as the bonfire, starry sky, snow playing at this campsite.

Warm heart and body with trailer cottage only in winter!

The winter camp which can be enjoyed at the trailer cottage is also exceptional differently from the warm summer. During the day, snow makeup, while watching Mt. Fuji, camping night comes with plans, accompanied by a bonfire, while a dinner warms the heart and body.

For breakfast, onion soup will be provided only in winter.
Also available.

Recommended for family camp, fulfilling facilities!

The characteristic of Campica Fuji Grinpa is ​​that the facilities are substantial and it is a point that even amateur can comfortably use. Warm water is also served with well-equipped facilities such as baths and cooking facilities. The toilet has a washlet, the bath has a large public bath and a washing place, it can be used comfortably. Even camping beginners' families can have fun with everyone!

Facilities that can be accommodated can enjoy the outdoor life easily from tent camps, trailer cottages, grande, etc. according to your preference! To the girls, I also recommend the house of the Sylvania family series. It is a campsite full of dreams where you can enjoy the whole country of fantasy.

Let's surround by the bonfire under the clear starry night at night!
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It is one of the real pleasures of camping to surround a bonfire in the evening and talk with each other. Bonfires will also be items for winter, so let's warm around the flame.

At Campica Fuji, there is a set-up tent site, with a fire pit that can enjoy the sky full of stars full of sky and Mt. Fuji, and a firewood stove that can enjoy cooking outside. Because the bedroom tent is also stretched, it will provide a comfortable space when sleeping.

Campica Fuji Grinpa

■ Address: Shizuoka prefecture Susono shi Suzan Fujiwara 2427
■ Telephone: 055-965-1331
■ Business days: All-year sales from mid-March to the end of November Normal business
Closed holiday Tuesday · Wednesday (GW · no business season during the summer season)
■ Business Hours 【Check-in】 14: 00 ~ 19: 00 (The tent site is 13: 00-19: 00)
■ Access: About 30 minutes from Tomei Express Gotemba IC
Tent site (no power supply) · · · 2,100 yen ~
Tent site (with power supply) · · · 2,400 yen
Setup tent site · · · 5,900 yen ~
Cottage · · · 12,900 yen
Sylvania cottage · · · 20,600 yen ~
■ Prices may vary depending on the seeds
■ Card: available

【Information as of 2017/09】

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