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Fujikyu Highland I want to eat in the park! Lunch and snack delicious shops

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Speaking of Fujikyu Highlands, screaming attractions are popular, but after playing with Fuji-Q Highland, I also want to taste the gourmet inside the amusement park. This time, we will introduce delicious lunch shops in Fujikyu Highland and snacks to eat at the waiting time. You can taste the limited menu only at Fujikyu Highland and delicious lunch, so why do not you stop by when you come to play.

This time if you eat lunch at Fujikyu

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Everyone who came to Fujikyu Highland think that most people would like to have a lot of fun on rides. However, if you have been walking in the park for a long time, you will be hungry or you may want to take a break for a while.

Great! The time to eat is between 11 o'clock and 2 o'clock. It is usually thought that, during this time zone the crowded gardens are the most crowded, and we have a considerable waiting time to get on the attraction. So it is best to take a meal faithfully in this time zone at the time to avoid congestion!

Menu that is named after the attraction in the park is arbitrary! "Food stadium"

Food stadium "Food Stadium" where you can enjoy various shops and meals in Fujikyu Highland boasts abundant menu that all the specialties around Mt. Fuji can be enjoyed at once. You can eat 'Fujiya noodles' of local Fujiyoshida and 'Fujinomiya yakisoba' which became a nationwide division by B class gourmet.

Besides, menus that want to take pictures unintentionally, such as screaming squadron Highlander's costumes such as "Highlander Pizza" plentiful with colorful cheese and "Mentikatsu burger" Shinobazu Burger using the black buns "are prepared .

Recommended menu
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FUJIYAMA Russian curry (2 to 3 servings) 1450 yen

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Shivering labyrinth burger (with potatoes) 850 yen

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Yoshida Udon specialty

<Food stadium>
■ Business hours: 9: 00-18: 00
■ Closed: Following Fujikyu Highland
■席数 :多数
■喫煙 :禁煙

【Information as of 2017/07】

Meal disposition Kai treasure swordsbreaker hall

It is also recommended for lunch that restaurant "Taketo Shingen Hall", which is mainly based on Yamanashi specialty located in the immediate vicinity.

At Kai Treasure Shinengokan you can enjoy Hoto cuisine, which is a regional cuisine of Yamanashi, such as "Takeda cavalry horse" and "legendary Takeda gold fight", there is also a corner where you can enjoy warring killer warriors and kimono.

The concept of the restaurant is the motif of Takeda Shingen, the warrior general Kai, who you know. The appearance is decorated with 'Takeda's Red Equipment' which imagined the Takeda Army 's cavalry corps, and' Tsutomu Osamu 'and' Takeda Nishijo 'family crests which are also the family crest of the Takeda family, Volcano "" Battlefield "" Kawanakajima "" Takeda Nagasaki 4 "The theme was decorated and it is a shop that is unbearable for history lovers.

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<Kai Treasurer Shinkenkan (Kai Ho Tonkan Yakata)>
■ Number of seats: 292 seats
■ Business hours: 10: 00-17: 00
■ Main menu

【Information as of 2017/07】

Soft pretzel you want to eat in the attraction wait time!

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Soft pretzels with ants and apricots that you can taste with a fluffy texture inside while you can taste the soft pretzels of antie and apes when you are hungry or buying it for a waiting time, you can line up while eating, take a walk out and explore the park Is perfect!

Recommended, Fujikyu Highland shop limited "Q pretzel" selling price 350 yen (tax included). It is a limited pretzel in the form of "Q" which is the symbol of Fuji-Q Highland. It is a limited flavor of Fuji-Q Highland that we have mapped flakes and vanilla sugar.

<Anti Annes Fuji-Q Highland Store>
■ Business hours: [Monday - Friday] 9: 00-17: 00 [Saturday, Sunday and public holidays] 9: 00-18: 00
■ Number of seats: 67 seats (55 seats in the store / 12 seats on the terrace seats)

【Information as of 2017/07】

Fuji-Q Highland Information

■ Business hours: Weekdays 9: 00-17: 00, Saturdays, Sundays, Public Holidays 9: 00-18: 00 ※ Extended sales in summer. For details, please check the website.
■ Closed day: July 12 (Heisei) Heisei 28 * It is not open in August and September
■ Admission fee: Adult (junior high school student or above) 1,500 yen / Child (3 years old to elementary school student) 900 yen Free pass: Adult 5,700 yen, Junior High / High School 5,200 yen, Child 4,300 yen
■ Transportation:
Approximately 80 minutes from the car / Shinjuku central expressway, adjacent to the Kawaguchi-ko IC About 90 minutes from Tokyo via the Tomei Expressway · Gotemba IC, Higashi Fuji Goko road
Bus / Get off at Fujikyu Highland from Tokyo Station for about 100 minutes, get off at Fujikyu Highland from Tokyo Station for approximately 110 minutes, get off at Fujikyu Highland from Bus / Shinjuku ※ Get off at Fujikyu Highland * Take a direct bus from more than 30 locations such as Nagoya, Kansai etc. in addition to the metropolitan area
Train / JR Chuo Main Line Transfer to Fuji Express Line at Otsuki Station Get off at Fujikyu Highland Station 50 minutes from Otsuki station
■ Inquiries: 5-6-1 Shintanishi, Fujiyoshida City Yamanashi Prefecture

【Information as of 2017/07】

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