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Let's enjoy Lake Kawaguchiko in winter! Introducing the winter event to be held around Lake Kawaguchiko!

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Lake Kawaguchi, which is known for its high altitude especially in witer the temperature will be very low and make you feel chilling. However, do you know that Lake Kawaguchiko and West Lake have plenty of events that can only enjoye in winter? Maybe you will rather choose other destination instead because the cold weather, but after reading this you will definitely want to visit Lake Kawaguchi in winter! This time we will introduce the charm of Lake Kawaguchiko from various angles, such as winter events and the sightseeing spots of Lake Kawaguchiko!

Lake Kawaguchiko winter Fireworks Festival

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Speaking of winter event in Lake Kawaguchiko, you can't miss the Firework Festival!
Fireworks that are a bit different from the summer fireworks, the fireworks that color the midwinter night sky, the good thing of cold weather is it could make you admire the fireworks from a clearer sky!

Beautiful fireworks will bloom over the lake, the lake surface with fireworks will glitter shining, you can enjoy the sight that you can see only in Lake Kawaguchiko
This event is held at Oike Park every every weekends of January also February 23rd, which is designated as "Mt. Fuji Day".

About Oike Park

Kawaguchiko Oike Park, which is the main obeservation place for winter fireworks, is also known for its beautiful poplar avenue!
The park has a large parking lot and a toilet so you don't have to worry even in cold day!
In addition, since there are many tourist facilities such as famous Kawaguchiko herb house, Kawaguchiko Kitahara Museum, Yamanashi jewelry museum in the surroundings of the park, you could indulge your time with those sightseeing spots before the fireworks start!

Facility information

■ Location: Funatsu, Kamaguchiko-machi, Minamitsuru-gun
■ Telephone: 0555-72-2460 (Fujikawaguchiko Town Tourism Division)
■ Nearest station: Kawaguchiko Station
■ Nearest Bus Stop: Retro Bus Kawaguchiko Line "Kawaguchiko Herb House"
■ Access: (car) about 10 minutes from the Kawaguchiko IC on the Chuo Expressway

Saiko Ice Festival

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"Saiko Ice Festival" is an ice celebration which will be held every day at the West Lake wild bird forest park from late January to early February every year.

Ice objects are produced at the best location where you can see Mt. Fuji in the same time!
Among the objects, the tremendous ice rime, which reach 10 meters in height, sure to overwhelm the viewers!
Since it will be lighted up at night, you can also enjoy watching ice objects in a fantastic atmosphere different from daytime, visit it at night also popular among the tourists.

Also, during the period, there are plenty of hightlights, such as local gourmet food stands which let you taste some famous and delicious local foods!

About the West Lake wild bird forest park

About 60 kinds of wild birds living here! It is also a park which is surrounded by the Aokigahara Jukai Forest!
There is a bird watching room in the "Jukai Gallery" inside the park, and a craft experience classroom will be also held depending on the day.
As baits are installed everywhere in the park, it is a park where you can see wild animals in nature such as birds living in birds can see the wings resting.

Facility information

■ Location: Fujikawaguchikocho West West Lake Minamitsuru-gun 2068
■ Telephone: 0555-82-2160
■ Nearest station: Kawaguchiko Station
■ Nearest Bus Stop: Retro Bus West Lake / Aokigahara Line "West Lake Wild Bird Forest Park"
■ Access: (car) Chuo Expressway From Kawaguchiko IC

Events to be held on Mt. Fuji (February 23rd)

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In Yamanashi Prefecture where Kawaguchiko Town is located, February 23 every year is designated as "Mt. Fuji day" from the following purposes.

日本の象徴である富士山について、県民が、理解と関心を深め、その恵みに感謝し、愛する心を育むとともに、その保護及び適正な利用を図ることにより、富士山の豊かな自然及び美しい景観並びに富士山に関する歴史及び文化を後世に引き継ぐことを期する日として、富士山の日を設ける。 via

In Fujikawaguchiko Town, as a townspeople living with Mt. Fuji, we express our appreciation to Mt. Fuji and as an opportunity to recognize again the importance of Mt. Fuji as environmental conservation and tourism resources, we have held the "Fuji Day of February 23 "We hold various events such as winter fireworks festival and film festival.
Since the content of the event varies according to the year, we recommend that you check in advance.

If you would like to know more about Kawaguchiko sightseeing information from here

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