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Diamond Fuji's time is twice a year! Where do you want to see this moment?

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Although Mt. Fuji is beautiful whenever it is seen, it is Diamond Fuji when it is said that there are no opportunities to see only a few times in a year. Diamond Fuji is a rare moment that you can see when various conditions overlap, and there are many people who wish to see that sparkle once. As diamonds Fuji is not always available, we need a thorough investigation and planning in advance. This time, we will introduce recommended spots for observation of Diamond Fuji.

That moment I want to see once! Prepare Diamond Fuji systematically!

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There is a moment when the sun rises and the moment when the sun sets, there is a moment when the sun overlaps with Mt. Fuji peak.
At that moment the sun shines like a diamond. The sparkle of this moment is very beautiful called "Diamond Fuji". Furthermore, when the phenomenon where Mt. Fuji is reflected in the lake called "inverted Fuji" on the surface of the lake occurs here, you can also see "Double Diamond Fuji" diamond Fuji reflected on the lake.

The ring of light that gleams at the summit of Mt. Fuji is very mysterious and it is also one scene that fascinates many tourists. But can Diamond Fuji be seen wherever Mt. Fuji can be seen? That is not the case.

If you would like to see the sight once and want to put that moment on the shutter let's do the advance study a lot carefully. By the way, even with smartphones such as iPhone that can shoot well enough enough beautiful pictures can be taken.

Where can you see Diamond Fuji?

Diamond Fuji is one of the rare natural phenomena that appears only when several timings overlap.
If such diamonds Fuji want to see it, we have to do thorough preliminary study.

First of all it is a spot.
Diamond Fuji at sunrise can not be seen from the west opposite to the sun centering on Mt. Fuji and diamond Fuji at dusk must clear the weather conditions from the east.

And in the season, chances are twice a year.
Diamond Fuji can be seen at around the winter solstice where the daytime is shortest (depending on the observation point).

When observing it, we also recommend planning with a schedule that has plenty of room to avoid troubles with unexpected traffic jams.

For detailed information on observation points and time, information such as the location and time observable at the Kanto Regional Development Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and the National Astronomical Observatory Astronomical Information Center can be examined.

Photograph spot of diamond Fuji at sunrise 【Yamanashi Prefecture】

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Yamanashi Prefecture has places where you can see Diamond Fuji of Chaoyang and Diamond Fuji of Sunset.

First of all, we will introduce the best scenic spots recommended for watching Chaoyang Diamond Fuji.
sunrise! And diamond Fuji! It will be a feeling that you gained twice or three times as much.

1. Chaoyang's Diamond Fuji Sunrise Villa (High Down)

You can see Diamond Fuji from the winter solstice to New Year 's Day at the Sunflower village of Fujikawa Town Takashita.
Sunrise Villa (Takae) is a famous place as one of the scenic spots selected as one of the 100 famous mountains of Mount Fugen.
A parking lot is maintained in the vicinity that Diamond Fuji can be seen.
It is known as a place where many photographers gather during the period.

■ Address: 3296 Komuro Fujikawa cho Minami-gama, Yamanashi Prefecture 400-0512
■ Access: Approximately 20 minutes from Chubu Crossing Expressway Mariho IC, approximately 20 minutes by car from JR Ruso Station

2. 朝陽のダイヤモンド富士 身延山

Mt. Obayashi is also chosen as Yamanashi Hakusan Mountain, which is a scenic point where Mt. Fuji and Suruga Bay can be seen in the southeast direction.
The Omotesando climbing course of Minobuyama is for beginners and it is possible to go by bus from JR Minobu Station on JR.
In addition, it is a spot where you can access even by using a ropeway after placing the car in the parking lot.

The ropeway of Mt. Mt. Mobiyama can arrive at the top of the mountain in about 7 minutes on one way.
On the day that diamond Fuji can be seen, Diamond Fuji Appreciation etc may be held.
In the New Year 's three days and the Diamond Fuji season, according to the sunrise time, there is a ropeway service from early in the morning, so you can see Diamond Fuji relatively easily if you have firmly warm clothes.

In addition, Mt. Mt. Obayashi is famous as a place where power spots are scattered, and there are many people visiting power spot surroundings as well.
It is also a rare observation spot where you can enjoy the power of Lizanyama Fuji and Mt. Los Angeles, and precious diamond Fuji.
You can see the sunrise diamond Fuji from Mt. Mt. Obayashi in January February and November.

■ Access: 10 minutes by bus from JR Minobu Station, 10 minutes on foot, 7 minutes by Mt. Mobiyama Ropeway

3. 朝陽のダイヤモンド富士 竜ヶ岳展望台

Ryuga-dake is located on the shore of Lake Motosu and is a spot where Diamond Fuji can be seen during the early January to December.
It begins with a mystical morning glow, and a silhouette of Mt. Fuji appears little by little.
It is a popular observation spot even if the color of the changing sky is beautiful every moment.

Ryuga-dake is easy to climb even for beginners, it is also very popular as a sunrise spot and it is very popular, so there are tours planned to see Diamond Fuji on sunrise.
Normally you can climb up a bit in two hours, but if you become the first sunrise diamond Fuji at Ryuga-dake, let's set a time with a margin as congestion is also anticipated.

To Ryuga-dake you can access the climbing path from the entrance of Lake Motosu camp.
There is a long waiting time to see Diamond Fuji, so let 's go out with climbing in winter with firm equipment.

■ Access: 30 minutes from Central Expressway Fuji Kawaguchi IC, about 2 hours 15 minutes on foot from entrance of Lake Motosu campsite to Ryugatsake

Diamond in sunset Fuji and say Yamanakako! 【Yamanashi Prefecture】

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One of Fuji Goko Lake Yamanakako is famous for being able to see the sunset diamond Fuji.
The time season can be seen from the middle of October to February, there is also the merit that Diamond Fuji can easily observe from sunrise.

1. Diamond of sunset Fuji Nagaike Water Park

Nagaike water park located along Marimo Street, north of Lake Yamanaka.
It is a popular diamond Fuji observation spot because Mt. Fuji can be seen from Nagaike Park.
Fuji, spreading glittering lake surface is also very beautiful.
It is convenient as an observation spot because the toilet is also along the street.

■ Access: From the Fujiyama Line Fujiyama Station, get off at the bus, Nagaike water park

2. Sunset Diamond Fuji Plain Lakeside

Diamond Fuji can also be seen! Upside down Fuji also appears! The beach of Hirano from the shore of Hirano which is popular as a place where you can shoot at the beach.
Fuji Fans gather throughout the year.
Especially for the Diamond Fuji season people gather a lot on the lakeside.

If the weather also does not have wind well, it is a highly observable spot where you can also find a precious scene called Diamond Fuji reflected on the lake surface.

From Fujiyama station on the Fuji Express line, get off at the Hirano bus stop approximately 300 meters
Approximately 300 m from Hirano intersection of National Route 413 No.

3. Diamond of sunset Fuji Asahiokaoka lakeside green park

On the south side of Lake Yamanaka, on the intersection of Route 413 and Route 138, Asahikaoka Lakeshore is a recommended spot as a place where you can see Diamond Fuji after enjoying a walk in a quiet park.
There is also a free parking lot and there are good access by car and the beach is wide, so it is also easy to shoot.

It is crowded as autumn leaves attraction in the autumn.

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