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Take picture of Mount Fuji! Where is the place and time of shooting in the future? Other scenery points?

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Fuji of the world heritage which shows the beauty every season. I'd like to keep my eye on Mt. Fuji and Mt. Fuji when I travel. But I can not upload it to SNS! Let 's not only see the scenery of Mt. Fuji climbing but also the figure of Mt. Fuji to the camera and let the charm be conveyed. In this article, we will introduce the location, time and direction of shooting, the scenery point to shoot Mt. Fuji from afar, and the transportation which is convenient for shooting.

Where should I take the picture of Mt. Fuji?

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Speaking of Mt. Fuji, many people associate words such as "mountain climbing". In fact, climbing from the previous day to stay awake, climb up again, and climbed for 5 to 6 hours, the morning sun seen from the highest peak in Japan is special and it is very beautiful.

However, the experience is also very beautiful like Mt. Fuji itself, which is huge, gigantic, formed by long time writing, but still thoughtfully imagined by everyone. Apart from the view from Mt. Fuji that climbs up, enjoying seeing the different seasons of Mt. Fuji can be said to be the real pleasure of Mt. Fuji sightseeing.

This time I will show you the wonderful points where you can take the scenery from Mt. Fuji and the scenery including Mt. Fuji.

Do you want to capture the landmark? Relationship between Route of Route of Mt. Fuji and Route

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Fuji mainly has four climbing routes. There are "Yoshida Route" "Kuzumi (Sukoshiri) Route" "Gotenba Route" "Fujinomiya Route" in the clockwise direction from the north. Which of these routes should we aim to climb?
I think it depends on how heavy the camera equipment will be, but basically, I would like to climb as comfortably as possible. The point is the difference in elevation and the number of mountain huts. "Yoshida route" is easy to climb to beginners among the four routes.

Yoshida Trail

Travel distance and required time: climb 7.5 km / 6 hours / down 7.6 km / 3 hours approximately
Altitude: Mountain peak: 3,720 m
· A lot of mountain huts are easy to rest. Route for the most beginners

Kurodo route

Travel distance and required time: climbing 7.8 m / 6.5 h / 6.2 km / 3 h down
Altitude: Mountain peak: 3,720 m
· Pay attention to the timing of break because there are few mountain huts. Route suitable for experienced people

Gotemba route

Travel distance and required time: climb 11 km / 7 hours / down 8,5 km / 3.5 hours
Altitude: Mountain peak 3,715 m
· Since there are no mountain huts until the 7th meeting, be careful of drinking water, meals, breaks
· Because the distance traveled is long distance and the altitude difference is large, it is recommended route for experience

Fujinomiya Route

Travel distance and required time: climb 5km / about 5 hours / down 5km / about 3.5 hours
Altitude: Mountain peak 3,715 m

Major four climbing routes and representative shooting places and points of Lightshop

【Yoshida route & Kuro route】
【Gotenba Route & Fujinomiya Route】
【Other place】

Especially in summer Mt. Fuji climbing summer from July to September, it is crowded enough that the intrusion of my car to the Fuji Fifth Gym is regulated (my car regulation). During this period too many climbers will be there so you may not be able to secure the best shooting location slowly. Nonetheless, I would like to climb a time when it is easy to climb. It is good to devise measures such as obviously many people will be summer vacation, such as the Bon Festival in the middle of August and avoiding weekends as possible. Do not forget the weather check.
In addition, if you go to the shooting location of Kagamine, if you go to the toilet early, you will not have to struggle to pick up the shooting place. I also want to be careful not to be troubled by waiting for toilet, to keep the equipment in place and not to risk the theft.

By the way, the time and direction of sunrise will change from day to day. Therefore, it is important to confirm the time and direction of sunrise beforehand before going to the sunrise time or Mt. Fuji peak, in order not to miss the timing of shooting.
You can calculate the time and direction of sunrise and sunset at the top of Mt. Fuji by specifying the date by the following link. It is convenient to understand both the sunrise and the sunset. Calculation results can be displayed with 4 patterns of 1 week / 2 weeks / 1 month / 2 months so please refer to it when considering travel schedule and Fuji climbing plan. (You can display the time by pressing the calculation button after designating the date, "Koshinetsu" "Fuji mountain peak" option of the "place name" link destination and).

Sunrise and sunset times of the top of Mt. Fuji in the summer of 2017 (azimuth)

2017/7/1 sunrise 4:21:11 (58.6980) / sunset 19:16:26(301.2462)
2017/8/1 sunrise 4:41:45 (65.2821) / sunset 19:00:33(294.5248)
2017/9/1 sunrise 5:06:12 (77.5475) / sunset 18:23:26(282.2028)
2017/9/30 sunrise 5:28:07(91.2074) / sunset 17:41:32(268.5501)
Calculated by Cas! San of Casio Computer Co., Ltd.
* Azimuth: North is 0 degree, which is represented by east 90 degrees, south 180 degrees, west 270 degrees

If you want to shoot "Diamond Fuji" from here!

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Well, let's take a picture of Mt. Fuji itself this time.

There is a mountain called Ryugatsake (altitude 1,485 m) in Minobu Town, Yamanashi Prefecture. From this mountain you can see "Diamond Fuji" for only a short period from early December to early January.
Diamond Fuji is a godly superb view where the light is climbed up at the summit of Mt. Fuji. Although it is difficult to climb Mt. Fuji in winter, of course it is not possible to see Mt. Fuji itself, but of course it is relatively easy to climb due to the low altitude from Ryuga-dake, making it possible to take impressive photography more than the presence of Mt. Fuji I guess.

Although I gathered Mt. Fuji information, Ryugatsake is the first time, and for those who say that winter climbing is a little worrying, it is possible to request a guided trekking through the forest campground of Lake Motosu.
With a usage fee of 10,000 yen per group, more than 5 people to 2,000 yen per person, you can get familiar with the nature of the mountain while gently explaining the animals and flowers of the road to the nature guide.

Ryugatake trekking (Forest camping place of Lake Motosu)

About 5 hours, the guide introduces flora and fauna while introducing nature guide 10,000 yen / group
※ From one person to organize
※ 2,000 yen / person from 5 people or more

Where shall I shoot Mt. Fuji? Spectacular spot popular with travelers around the world

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