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Enjoy Fuji in winter! Fujiyama NAVI Featured feature recommendation list

Let's enjoy Lake Kawaguchiko in winter! Introducing the winter event to be held around Lake Kawaguchiko!
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Winter in Lake Kawaguchi, which is known for its high altitude and severe chilling. However, do you know that lake Kawaguchiko and West Lake near it have plenty of events that can only be enjoyed in winter and many of the unique charms of winter? If it is cold it may be more likely that the feet will be far away, but here ...
Fuji-Q Highland and round-trip bus ticket Package!
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関東・東海・甲信越・北陸・関西から、富士急ハイランドへ直行するバスツアーをまとめた記事です。 バスパックの多くに、富士急ハイランドのフリーパスがセットになっているので、富士急ハイランドをお安く楽しめます。
Onsens on the Foothills of Mt. Fuji ~Onsen daily trip and bath facilities introduction~
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At the foot of Mt. Fuji there are many hot springs that are named treasures from the wilderness. Yamanashi prefecture · Shizuoka prefecture, luxurious springs with plentiful quality are luxuriously arranged, it is a blissful collaboration called Hot Springs and Mt. Fuji! Enjoying the world heritage sightseeing and exhilarating the mind and body, high quality hot water and tasteful ...
Professional photographers introduce you the techniques and recommended spots of "Diamond Mt. Fuji"!
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"Diamond Fuji" which keeps attracting many tourists is called shadow Fuji or W diamond, and it is famous as a popular shooting place. We also recommend "Triple Diamond Fuji" which reflects the wave of inverted Mt. Fuji reflected on the lake surface and the wave of the boat that passed by to Diamond Fuji falling to the top of Mt. Fuji. ...
World Heritage · Mt. Fuji
Journey to Yamanashi Prefecture
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Fuji rising so as to cross Yamanashi prefecture and Shizuoka prefecture. In the background recognized as a World Heritage site, the existence of lakes and the like is also greatly involved in the surrounding shrines, climbing roads, wind holes. There are 25 cultural assets that constitute the value of Mt. Fuji as "constituent assets", all of them ...
Best noodle restaurants around the Mt. Fuji Area!
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Energy charge by eating delicious things between sightseeing! At the foot of Mt. Fuji is a treasure trove of local gourmet, typical examples of noodles are "Udon of Fujiyoshida", "Fujishima yakisoba", "Gotemba Mikuriya soba", "Fuji-attached Napolitan". There, here the taste of the local ...
Even the temperature difference with the flat is -20 degrees.
Mt. Fuji, the fifth most popular summer resort
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Fuji Fifth Gifu (Fuji Subaru Line Fifth Association) which has Yoshida route climbing mouth is a spot where sightseeing facilities such as souvenir shops and restaurants are also substantial and can be fully enjoyed except climbing. It is popular as a summer resort with a cool climate with an altitude of 2300 meters, and in summer it sees many ...