Fujiyoshida City

Fuji-Q Highland

With about 40 different attractions, famous "King of Coaster-Fujiyama", accelerating up to 180km/h in 1.56 second, latest rollercoaster Dododonpa, etc. There's something for everyone, from thrilling roller coasters for the brave to theme park rides that families can enjoy.
Most popular: FUJIYAMA
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Fastest speed 130km/h, 79m heights, suitable for all the thrill seekers! With its name, King of Coaster!

Dododonpa: Latest rollercoaster in Fuji-Q Highland, accelerating up to 180km/h in 1.56 second!
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On this summer, the new world record of the fastest acceleration and biggest loop of roller coasters was renewed by Dododonpa!

Spin around and around: Eejanaika!
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The most wonderful thing is, even the seat can spin over on the roller coaster! That sounds crazy! But trust me, you will love it! This unique experience only can be provided by Eejanaika!

The darkest and fastest Takabisha: Screaming in the dark!​ ​
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You can't see anything in the first place, after 3 seconds, you will find yourself in front of a scary tower! At the top of the tower, you can't see the rail! What a crazy roller coaster!

Fuji-Q Highland not only famous for its 4 rollercoasters but also the extremely scary hospital(haunted house) and flight simulator ride which could let you enjoy the 4 seasons of Mt. Fuji without the influence of weather!

Fuji-Q Highland
5-6-1 Shin-Nishihara. Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi Prefecture 403-0017 Japan
Telephone No.
Business Time
Irregular holiday
​Closed Day
Irregular holiday
Business Hours
9 to 17(Holiday: 9 to 18)※May vary to the season or the weather condition
Parking Lot
Capacity: 5000(1500JPY for 1 use)
フリーパス 大人5700円 中高生 5200円 子供(3歳~小学生)4300円 


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