Gotemba Trail

Gotemba Trail

Gotemba Trail, starting from the elevation of 1,440 m, is an exceptionally difficult route compared with the other routes in both distance and the difference in elevation. It therefore is recommended for climbers with experience and climbers who have climbed Mount Fuji before. Because the course is long, plan to stay overnight at a hut halfway up the mountain. However, because all huts are located only at the seventh and higher stations, general mountain-climbing procedures are advised, which means departing the entrance early with water and food.

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Fifth station elevation / Summit elevation

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How to climb the Gotemba Trail

New fifth to new sixth station

The new fifth station of the Gotemba Trail used to be called the second station. This is why it is located lower than those of the other trails. Soon after passing through the torii gate to enter the trail, there is the Oishi-chaya hut. There are no huts from here until the seventh station, so prepare water and food before departure.

New sixth to sixth station

The hut at the new sixth station is currently closed, but serves as a landmark. Because the slope gets steeper from here, you should take a short break. The remains of a hut with a pile of stones mark the location of the sixth station. You still have a long sand slope to climb.

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Sixth to 7.9 station

Go up the sand slope, and you will come to a fork for descenders. The Hinode-kan hut just ahead of you is the seventh station, where you pass over 3,000 meters high. There are three huts after here until 7.9 station, so stay overnight at one of them and aim for the summit.

7.9 station to the summit

From the eighth station, you climb a narrow, zigzag rocky trail. You need to continue climbing but decrease your pace to avoid getting short of breath because the elevation is high. When you see rocks, you’re almost at the summit. Pass through the torii gate and arrive at the summit. Great job!

Climbing down

Climb down the same route you climbed up until the seventh station where there is Hinode-kan. Then take the trail on your right at the fork according to the guidepost "Osunabashiri (great sand run)." Go down the sand run, which lets you enjoy the magical feeling that one step is three times as large as a typical step.

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