Subashiri Trail

Subashiri Trail

Subashiri Trail is on the right east side of Mount Fuji. You start from a lower elevation than Yoshida Trail. This trail is characterized by the abundance of plants and trees up to an elevation of around 2,700 m and the sand run on the descending trail. The trail is suited to climbers with experience because there are fewer huts. The trail meets Yoshida Trail at the old eighth station, so you should be ready for congestion on the course. For descending, you will enjoy sand run, where you go down the sand slope straight from the seventh station.

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How to climb the Subashiri Trail

New fifth to new sixth station

Passing by two huts, you first head to Komitake Shrine. The elevation in this area is just 2,000 m. After praying for a successful climb, go up the gentle slope of native bushes. The square with the Nagata Sanso hut is the new sixth station.

New sixth to sixth station

Because the slope is gentle, you can walk easily and the climb is comfortable while looking at the plants. Enjoy the rich natural surroundings of Mount Fuji. It's comfortable even during the daytime when the sunlight is strong because you're in a forest. Enjoy a leisurely walk.

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Sixth to old eighth station

Your view expands from the sixth station when you've passed through the forest and the summit is in sight. The slope gets steeper from the old sixth station. The ascending trail meets the descending trail at the seventh station. After passing the old seventh and eighth stations, you're at the old eighth station, which is 3,380 meters high and where the trail meets the Yoshida Trail.

Old eighth station to the summit

The angle becomes even steeper from here. Goraiko-kan is located at the 8.5 station and is the last hut. After passing the ninth station where there is a torii gate, you're almost at the trail summit. But, this is the hardest part. Don't hurry and maintain your own pace. When you've walked up the stone steps, you will arrive at Kusushi Shrine. Great job!

Climbing down

Use the separate trail for climbing down. This trail is shared by Yoshida Trail partway, and you go down from the entrance located beyond the hut next to Kusushi Shrine. After coming down to the eighth station, you reach a fork for the Subashiri Trail. The sand run is waiting at the seventh station. Enjoy it with countermeasures against fugitive dust.

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Be careful not to take a wrong way!

Although Mount Fuji’s climbing routes are developed so that you will not take the wrong path, there are many such cases where climbers take a different route than the ascending route when descending. The most misunderstood point is the fork to Yoshida Trail and Subashiri Trail. Climbers on these trails start from the same descending route from the summit, and at the eighth station (Shita-edoya), Yoshida-Trail climbers go left and Subashiri Trail climbers go right. If you fail to notice this fork, Subashiri Trail climbers may take Yoshida Trail by mistake. The fork location of the descending routes is planned to be modified to reduce this mistake, so you need to check the latest information.