Fujinomiya Trail

Fujinomiya Trail

This route is the shortest and lowest in elevation among the four trails and, therefore, is the second most popular course next to the Yoshida Trail. Additionally, because the ascending and descending routes are the same, the trail is very crowded during the peak hours. Even beginners can feel secure because there are many huts, but you need to be careful of altitude sickness because of the overall elevation. Because it is located on the south side of Mount Fuji, you look down on the wonderful scenery of Suruga Bay.

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Fifth station elevation / Summit elevation

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How to climb the Fujinomiya Trail

New fifth to new sixth station

The trail entrance is located at an elevation of about 2,390 m. Instead of walking soon after arriving, acclimate yourself to the altitude by doing some warm-up exercises or stretching. Enter the trail from the steps in front of the Mount Fuji General Guidance Center and climb the hill slowly.

New sixth to new seventh station

Where there are Unkai-so and Hoei Sanso huts is the new sixth station. The trail splits here for a route going to Hokei Crater. Take the climbing trail and head to the new seventh station where you will find the Goraiko Sanso hut. The trail is lined with rocks up to here, but you can see alpine plants, too.

New seventh to eighth station

Climbing up the sand and gravel trail, you will come to the next hut, Yamaguchi Sanso. You are still at around the seventh station and may feel it took longer than you expected. However, the elevation exceeds 3,000 m here. Keep it up, aiming for the next hut.

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Eighth to ninth station

The trail becomes rocky and you need to raise your legs a little when walking. Try to place your feet on stable rocks. The area is hard because of the high elevation and steep angle, but be careful not to increase the length of your stride too much.

Ninth station to the summit

After climbing on a narrow zigzag trail, you will arrive at 9.5 station where the Munatsuki Sanso hut is located. A little more to go before the summit! Don't hurry and catch your breath here. After passing through the torii gate, you reach the trail summit and the Sengentaisha-Okumiya Shrine. Great job!

Climbing down

You climb down the same route you climbed up. You need to be careful not to cause rock falls especially when climbing down. Ascenders take priority on mountain trails. When there are ascenders, you should wait at a stable spot on the trail.

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