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富士山周辺の観光スポットの記事・スポット情報をご覧いただけます。 世界遺産の構成資産を始め、自然地形、景色、神社...


We started looking for a superb view from the foot of Mt. Fuji, a hotel with hot springs, looking for a capsule hotel that is also friendly to backpacks and cheap wallets ...

Outdoor Activity

With family, friends, lover .. We prepared various spot information and special features according to various types of trip. Fuji-Q High ...


Speaking of shopping around Mt. Fuji, "Gotemba Premium Outlet" is famous, but in this category "Road Station" and fresh ...


Illustrations · Falls · Festival · Hatsumaki etc. We introduce events and events around Mt. Fuji, which is tailored to the time, focusing on articles and features.

Hot spring · Spa

There are many day trip hot spring spots around Mt. Fuji. With luxurious accommodation plans that wish for a magnificent view of Mt. Fuji carefully stayed at other places ...

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We deal with articles and features on model courses around Mt. Fuji and sightseeing menus. Other domestic tours, car rental, day pla ...

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Fuji is watching special features, wedding trips, women's trips and other articles tailored to the situation and feature articles focused on.


It is a topic of Grand Ping. Of course you can also enjoy around Mt. Fuji. If you live in the suburbs of Tokyo, take a minimal baggage and transfer ...

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We start maniac topics on vehicles of the Fuji Express Line, and finally we ride to the petrol station around Mt. Fuji, which the driver is happy about ...

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