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Professional photographers introduce you the techniques and recommended spots of "Diamond Mt. Fuji"!

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"Diamond Fuji" which keeps attracting many tourists is called shadow Fuji or W diamond, and it is famous as a popular photo spot. We also recommend "Triple Diamond Fuji" which reflects the wave of inverted Mt. Fuji reflected on the lake surface and the wave of the boat that passed by to Diamond Fuji falling to the top of Mt. Fuji. Diamond Fuji is also rumored to have an effect on money luck when it is on standby. This article will introduce you some shooting spots, techniques, clothes which need to be prepared before you go for the "Diamond Fuji".

What is Diamond Fuji ...

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It is a phenomenon that shines like a diamond at the moment when the sun rises from the top of Mt. Fuji and at the moment when the sun sets. Furthermore, when the phenomenon where Mt. Fuji is reflected in the lake called "inverted Fuji" on the surface of the lake occurs here, you can also see "Double Diamond Fuji" diamond Fuji reflected on the lake.

It is not always seen from anywhere, but from the top of Mt. Fuji to the north and south of the west side within 35 degrees, time of sunrise (ascending diamonds), within the range of 35 degrees north and south of the east side to the sunset (diamond sinking), twice of this phenomenon can be seen yearly. It can be said that it is a superb view where nature wools just as seen only when conditions such as times and weather are met.

It is at sunset from autumn to winter in Lake Yamanakako. Many people are visiting as sacred places because they can be seen for a long period of time.

What should I wear?

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In taking pictures, you have to be careful about clothes, that is, countermeasures against cold. Lake Yamanakako, which is the place to introduce later, will have a lower temperature than the city center, so it is very cold, especially because it is the season of clothes. Wear a warm glove, a hat or an ear hat, a thick jacket, a fleece or knit underneath, a muffler or turtleneck so that the neck is not exposed etc., Preparing a pair of thick socks is a better choice!

Introducing the photo spots of Diamond Fuji

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Photo spot ① "Lake Yamanakako"

Speaking of the famous Diamond Fuji photo spot, it must be Lake Yamanakako. Lake Yamanakako can see Diamond Fuji where the sun will settle at the top of Mt. Fuji during the autumn and winter season. Early February to mid-February, the probability of admiring Diamond Fuji is higher, especially during the period when the weather is stable, and it is called "DIAMOND FUJI WEEKS" etc. The Yamanakako Water Park is a shooting location known as a double diamond Fuji view spot and also among cameramen. During this period, events such as ice candles are also held.

It is also a good idea to stay around Lake Yamanakako in advance so that you won't miss the fabulous moment!

■Address: Hirano, Yamanakako Village, Minami-Tsuru-Kun, Yamanashi Prefecture.​ ​
■Access: 5 minutes by car from Higashi Fuji Goko Road "Yamanakako IC"
■Parking:capacity 80

■ Best time: From the beginning of February to the middle of February

Photo spot ② "Lake Tanukiko"

Diamond Fuji which can be seen from Lake Tanukiko is also an excellent view. Tanuki Lake located on the west side of Mt. Fuji, the time zone for photographing diamond Fuji is around 6 AM. The best photo timing is a little bit late compares to the lake Yamanakako, and it is said to be a short period approximately around April 24 and one week before and after August 20, respectively.

Since there is a parking lot around Lake Tanukiko, if you are coming by car, come earlier to make sure you can get the parking space!

■ Address: 634-1 Saguchi Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture 418-0107
■ Access: 【Car】 It is approximately 10 minutes by Fuji Road from Shin Fuji IC. After that, go through National Route 139, Prefectural Route 414 and go to Lake Tanukiko.
■ Parking: Free
■ Best time: late April, twice a year in late August

There is also a campground in Lake Tanukiko, you can watch Diamond Fuji from the observation deck in Tanukiko Camp Site.

Tips from Mr. Haruo Tomizuka! Advice to make your photo more brilliant!​ ​

It is important to determine the direction in which the sun falls
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Mr. Haruo Tomizuka, Mt. Fuji photographer and Lake Yamanakako Photo Gallery representative, is a photographer who keeps track of Mt. Fuji, keeping track of "subject without goals".

Lake Yamanakako is a recommended spot where you can see diamonds Fuji for a relatively long time and it is easy to shoot.
Diamond Fuji seen in the morning, such as Lake Tanukiko and Motosu Highland, since the sun comes out as soon as the summit of the mountain rises, there are many people who can not take it well.
As you can see in the afternoon at Lake Yamanakako, you can determine where the sun falls and if the photographer moves accordingly, you can almost certainly find the center position!

In the evening shooting, about 30 seconds is a game until the sun comes into the top of the mountain.
The best thing is the timing when the sun overlaps half the mountain peak.
If there is no cloud luckily in the direction that the sun falls, it may be possible to restrain the sight of the ray of light from extending to the sky.

Even before and after Diamond Fuji is seen, the scene just like a drama!
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Not only Diamond Fuji, but also can experience the mysterious natural phenomenon before and after it.
When the sun has fallen and the air is cold at a stretch, when experiencing the severity of nature, many people are touched by this situation.
If luck is good, sunshine falls and "sunset" about 40 minutes later, "second burn (= small burning / reflex)" in about 20 minutes later, and to keep a spectacular view of the red sky and Mt. Fuji a little bit longer!
Shadows Fuji and colorful cloud can be seen, and it can be said that it is the moment to see the earth drama.
Please try to stay there a little bit longer even after the sun has fallen.

Even with iPhone or smartphone cameras you may be able to take beautiful photo, so take a picture of it with smartphone and check it out!

Haruomi Tomizuka talks about "The attraction of Mt. Fuji" is here

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