Omagi-cherry blossoms in Yamanashi prefecture

Mt. Fuji special feature in spring | Let's enjoy the collaboration between Mt. Fuji and cherry blossoms!

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Fuji which was also registered as a world heritage and cherry blossoms informing of the arrival of spring. This time we selected several spots around Mt. Fuji and introduce you the cherry-blossom information! Please refer to the article and try looking for your favorite cherry-blossom viewing spot!​ ​

Information about "Fuji Shiba-Sakura Festival"​ ​

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Fuji in spring, "Fuji Shiba-sakura Festival" which is also a spring sculpture is held and you can enjoy mosaic cherry blossoms spreading to the full range on a large site. It is famous abroad and many foreign tourists visit. Try to see the beautiful scenery that is selected each year as "Japan's beautiful landscape 31 elections" by CNN USA as well!

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At the "Sakura Cafe FUJIYAMA SWEETS" at the festival site, you can appreciate the scenery of Mt. Fuji and the beautiful collaboration of beautiful moss phlox while having the dessert!

2. 山梨できれいな桜を鑑賞できる名所をご紹介

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Mt. Fuji in Yamanashi Prefecture side which with the rich natural environment. In addition, the prefectural flower of Yamanashi Prefecture is also Fujisakura, and in the spring Yamanashi cherry blossoms are blooming in many places, tourists visiting are overwhelmed. In this article, useful information such as cherry blossom viewing in Yamanashi Prefecture, light up, opening hours etc. are posted. Why do not you go out to Yamanashi feeling the spring?

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"Ubuyagasaki" in Kawaguchiko is a famous spot of upside down of the Mt. Fuji and Lake Kawaguchiko, and the cherry blossoms can be enjoyed together as a cherry-blossom spot.

The well-kept-secret cherry blossom spots of Mt. Fuji

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From the sakura spots that everyone knows, we are introducing the cherry blossoms spots that you would love to visit which only known by the local, as we call it the well-kept-secret spot!

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As the Yamanashi Prefecture's symbol, the Fujisakura and Yaezakura are planted along the promenade of Lake Yamanakako, and the Asahigaoka Park located on the shore of the Lake Yamanaka and Mt. Fuji can be seen from the observatory in the east of the park.

Let's enjoy late cherry blossoms at Lake Yamanakako!

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In Yamanakako, spring, summer, autumn, winter, we can look in various scenry, but around the Lake Yamanakako where the altitude is higher than other, spring visit somewhat late compared to other places. For those who missed the season of cherry blossoms in full bloom, come to see the cherry blossoms at Lake Yamanakako!

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Hotel Mount Fuji is known as a hotel with beautiful views of Yamanakako and Mt. Fuji, and about 300 cherry trees on site are in full bloom, making Mt. Fuji more beautiful.

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