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Souvenirs from Mt. Fuji: Cutie souvenirs!

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ご紹介するのは、ケーキ、クッキー、石鹸など、お土産の定番物や、あっと驚く隠し富士山Tシャツ、食卓に彩りを添えるおとうふ、美味しい地産の桜えび、しらすです。 ご近所、友人に配っても良し、ご自分で旅の思い出にお持ち帰るのも良し、「おもちかえり富士山」で日常にプラス富士山してみませんか。
Introducing "Morning cafe Mt. Fuji"
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When I went to Mt. Fuji, have you ever thought that "I want to bring Mt. Fuji in front of me like this!"
Have you idly thought "I want to feel Mt. Fuji in the daily casual time flow"?
For such you, I will introduce "Otoshiri Mt. Fuji" recommended for Mt. Fuji souvenir.

Cruising Mt. Fuji ①: Chiffon cake "Fuji Chiffon"

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At first sight, a chiffon cake "Fuji chiffon" where everyone smiles. Fuji chiffon is popular Mt. Fuji souvenir with moist and fluffy texture as well as looks cute, as well as its sweet taste.
Do you not mind what kind of person thought about such a unique souvenir? I actually went to see who is making Fuji phones and taught me the secret story until the birth of Fuji Phone and that I knew Mt. Fuji just because I love Mount Fuji.

Morning cafe Fuji ②: handmade premium cookie "FUJIYAMA COOKIE"

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FUJIYAMA COOKIE "is a handmade premium cookie shaped in pretty Mt. Fuji.
As a souvenir of tourists, of course, as a gift for special people is also popular.

"FUJIYAMA COOKIE" head office opened in November 2011 at the lakeside of Lake Kawaguchi, popular as a sightseeing spot.
Because we have a cafe menu, we can also enjoy walking around Kawaguchiko with delicious cookies and coffee, so it seems like a way to enjoy.

Souvenir of Mt. Fuji ③: Matsuyama Oil "FUJIYAMA Soap"

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"FUJIYAMA SEKKEN" is a soap that was born in collaboration with two brands having factories in Kawaguchiko.

"FUJIYAMA COOKIE" has a shop-owned factory on the shore of Lake Kawaguchiko, has a commitment to the shape of Mt. Fuji, and also sticks to taste It is said that it is baked carefully one by one every day using domestic materials.
"FUJIYAMA SEKKEN" is inspired by this "FUJIYAMA COOKIE", and Matsuyama Oil and Fat has a history of soap making.
"FUJIYAMA COOKIE" "knowing" and "taste" knowing that, soap also sticks to both "appearance" and "use feeling".

Mt. Fuji goodb "goodbymarket"

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Goodbymarket who designs and sells products focusing on Mt. Fuji motif goods based on the concept of "communication tool that fills the gap between people and people fluently".
The masterpiece "FUJI - T" turns the hem of the T - shirt, Mt. Fuji will come out.
Ideas put in such products attract people's attention.

Fuji 's shape in various designs, we talked to Tomohiro Ikegariya, a designer who creates communication through products.

Asano food "Mt. Fuji Tofu"

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"Asano food" that continues to make tofu at the foot of Mount Fuji for generations.
Using the famous Oshino Hakkai water, the Hakkai Tokafu made from the traditional recipe handed down from long ago is popular as a souvenir not only in the local home but also in the metropolitan area.
In the shop front, many kinds of tofu such as Hakkai Tokafu, Otoron Tofu, Zazuru Tofu, sesame tofu, fried tofu are lined up and loved by local housewives.

It is "Fuji tofu" to introduce from this commitment tofu.

Kaku Matsu Iwamatsu shop "Sakura Shrimp" "Whitebait"

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Located in the central part of Shizuoka prefecture, "Yui" is a treasure trove of rich nature and seafood.
There are many net gates who are fishing quality "Sakura eboshi" and "Shirasu", and the taste of "Sakura eboshi" and "Shira" caught is also attracting attention from professional chefs.
This time we will introduce the established Kaku-Matsu Iwamatsu shop, established 120 years ago, that we are processing both "Sakurabo" and "Shira" without losing freshness with the latest technology.
Delicious and nutritious seafood is recommended as a gift to children and elderly who are worried about calcium deficiency and gifts to those who are important.

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