The golf courses that you can enjoy while watching the beautiful Mt. Fuji

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In the very good season to enjoy golf, I want to enjoy it freshly in the rich nature. There are many golf courses that make use of the vast land around Mt. Fuji. Of course, it is just a place where you can enjoy while watching the beautiful scenery of Mt. Fuji, the lake, the Southern Alps mountains and so on! Why do not you visit the golf course around Mt. Fuji on your next vacation?

With magnificent view of Fuji

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There are several golf courses dotted around Fuji.
Many golf courses featuring courses making use of natural undulations on vast grounds attract from beginners to veterans.

Also, a lot of golf enthusiasts are visiting because it is an extremely popular area as a summer resort, hot spring facilities are installed, and charm other than golf is full.

It is also charming that it is close enough from the center of the city to feel free to go refreshed in nature.

Fuji Golf Course

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The Fuji Golf Course is a great location where you can play golf in majestic nature where you can look up to Fuji and view the mountain lake.
If it is a summer resort of Fuji, it is popular if you can enjoy golfing coolly and comfortably even in summer.

It is an exquisite 18 hole with a flat overall and layout with short intervals and natural undulation is utilized.
Since green turf grasses are all in order from Mt. Fuji, it is a course setting that is easy to understand and difficult.

After playing in magnificent scenery, it is one of the real thrills that you can relax relaxed fatigue in the natural hot spring public bath.

Fuji Golf Course Facility Information

Location 262-1 Yamanaka Yamanakako village Minamitsuru gun Yamanashi prefecture 401 0501
Phone number 0555-62-1227
No closing day (closed in the winter due to snow)
Access From Tomei Express Shibuya, Gotemba IC, East Fuji Goko Road via Yamanakako IC, 115 minutes

Country Club Green Valley

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Country Club Green Valley is a vast golf course located 800 meters above sea level.
The course is full of 36 holes.
From that course you can hope for not only Mt. Fuji, but also the Southern Alps Ruins and Mt. Yatsugatake.

Also, there are 2 kinds of courses.
For people who want to enjoy authentic golf, Shirakaba course is recommended.
The Shirakaba course is a course that goes around in a passenger cart while feeling Mr. Fuji on his back.
Reading distance, reading turf and club selection is a showroom of the arm, it is a full-fledged course.
For people who would like to have fun of it, the Suzuran course is recommended.
It is a casual course that females and beginners can enjoy, and the rates are reasonable.

Enjoying the breath of nature and golf at the same time, enjoying twice the enjoyment, it is popular if it can be very refreshed.

Country Club Green Valley Facility Information

Location 1849 Koyoi Hozakamachi Nosaki, Yamanashi Prefecture 407-0172
Telephone number 0551-22-3131
No holiday (no winter closed)
Access 7 km (7 minutes) from Central Expressway / Izaki IC

Dai-Fuji Golf Club

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Dai-Fuji golf club located at the southern foot of Mt. Fuji where the climate is mild.
Fuji and Suruga bay can be overlooked, hand-made course that made use of natural topography.
It is a course created as if to draw the flow of orthodox "Scottish Links" as if you made grand nature as it is as a golf course.

The undulation is unique to handcrafted courses, and even more strategic halls are popular with brain players as they are motivated to challenge.

The Dai-Fuji Golf Club was opened in 1955.
It is the third oldest course in Shizuoka prefecture boasting history and tradition.

所在地  〒417-0802 静岡県富士市今宮1243 
Phone number 0545-21-4111
No closing day
Access Access 15 minutes from Tomei Express / Fuji Inter

Juriki Country Club

Fuji in the north, Mount Aitaka in the south, Suruga Bay Country Club located in the northernmost part of the country.

On the undulating calm plateau, a hillside course spreading with a spacious layout expands.
While enjoying exciting shots in a magnificent and refreshing environment, it is a rich course of strategy such as inclination of the green, so you can fully enjoy intellectual play of the brains.

There is a forest between the adjacent hall and it is one of the attractions that both 18 holes have a unique atmosphere.
Changing clothes every seasons While enjoying the beauty of Fuji, enjoying open play is a top ranked golf course in the top ranking.

Location 1016 Kuwasaki Fuji City Shizuoka prefecture 417-0803
Telephone number 055-998-1010
No closing day
アクセス 東名高速道路:裾野ICから16km 

Minami Fuji Country Club

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Fuji can be enjoyed in front of you, South Fuji Country Club.
You can enjoy playing while watching magnificent Mt. Fuji from each hall.

The height difference in the whole course is around 100 meters, and even female to older people can enjoy it without difficulty.
In addition, ladys' tee has a total length of 18 holes less than 5000 yards, which is relatively easy setting for beginners to advanced women as well.

Around the fairway is a terrain surrounded by natural forests of pine, cedar and cypress, with moderate relief and points of each shot are being squeezed, so we want to capture each. The course with undulation combines with the elevated green and attracts the golfer's heart with its versatile expression.
Good access by car is also a popular golf course.

South Fuji Country Club Facility Information

Location 11702-3 Oobuchi Fuji City Shizuoka prefecture 417-0801
Phone number 0545-36-0100
No closing day
Access Access 25 minutes from Tomei expressway / footwear inter

G8 Fuji Country Club

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Mt. Fuji approaching before me gets welcomed G8 Fuji Country Club.
The champion course splendidly split by cedar and cypress is attractive.

The 18 holes that expand on a mild hill on the south side of Mt. Fuji spread to the vast expanse through Sugi Tree.
I will slowly out of the out, waiting for No. 4 and No. 6 and a long middle.
In long places the fairway is wide, and where there is no distance, it is built to require mental brain play.

The clubhouse looks like it came to overseas golf course, not domestic, with a high-profile appearance.
Equipment has 12 batting 200 yard driving range, approach range, approach green, bunker practice range.
There is also a public bath and a restaurant, so you can use and refresh after the end of the golf play.

G8 Fuji Country Club Facility Information

Location 7426-63 Kitayama Fujinomiya Shizuoka prefecture 418-0112
Phone number 0544-54-1051
No closing day
Access ◆ Exit the Tomei / Fuji IC, head towards Fujinomiya and go to West Fuji Road.

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