Bring the souvenir home with the memories of Mt. Fuji!

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Fuji straddling Yamanashi prefecture and Shizuoka prefecture. There are lots of fun choosing souvenirs after having sightseeing a lot. Confectionery that you can enjoy even with eyes imitating the shape of Mt. Fuji, and prefectural confectioneries that inherit the traditional taste of old times. We will introduce a recommended souvenir that we can bring home with a memorable talk with fun! It is also good to deliver both souvenirs in Yamanashi Prefecture and Shizuoka Prefecture, and deliver their taste.

Pretty sweets that can enjoy the appearance of Mt. Fuji.

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Fujiyama cookie

Using carefully selected materials, Fujiyama cookie baked carefully one by one, the original taste of the material such as taste, rich flavor and scent has been drawn out.
Cookies with white chocolate are just like Mount Fuji.
1 sheet 120 yen ~

Shop: Fujiyama cookie
Asakawa 1165-1 / Fujikawaguchiko cho, Minamitsuri-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture 401-0303 / TEL: 0555-72-2220

Mt. Fuji (Kim Tong)

Mt. Fuji who secretly stuck to "water · azuki · technique" confined magnificent Fuji figure as it is.
This chef made by hand craftsmen one by one thoughtfully is simple, elegant, easy to eat for everyone.
1 book 1350 yen ~

Shop: Kin Tottori Main Store
Funatsu 7407 / Tel: 0555-72-2567 Fujikawaguchiko-cho, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture 401-0301

Shingen mochi that plenty of black nectar in Kinaka that is overflowing.

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Kikkori Shingen Mochi (Kikyou)

When opening a small pink wrapping cloth, rice cake and crushed powder packed tightly in a small box.
The soft sweetness of Kokyuan special black honey is a Yamanashi confection that makes you feel the nostalgicness of your home.
2 pieces 320 yen ~

Shop: Takuroya Toujiro Fujiyoshida store
Matsuyama 5-1077-3, Fujiyoshida-shi Yamanashi Prefecture 403-0016 (Fujisoshida Police Station before)
TEL: 0555-21-1500

Yoda's Udon noodles

Noodle with strong taste that tastes like chewing bitter, and Tsuyu with tasty soy sauce and miso are local cuisine of Fujiyoshida City.
When eating for the first time, the strength of Kosi which can not hide surprises, the souvenir story should also be exciting.
4 servings 498 yen ~

Shop: Mt. Fuji station "Fujiyama shop" and others Selling at souvenir shops in Yamanashi prefecture

Impact on appearance. Japanese sweets are pleasing to adults.

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Black ball (Sawadaya)

As the name suggests, it is a black pastry candy. A delicious sweet flavor with a deliciously rounded bean sprout of high-quality peas, plus a sweet high sugar syrup.
Two different sweetnesses deliver a simple and nostalgic taste that does not change even now.
4 pieces included 498 yen ~

Shop: Kawaguchiko station "Gateway Fujiyama" and others Selling at a souvenir shop in Yamanashi prefecture

Shingen peach (Kikyo shop)

Sweets made in Yamanashi prefecture's famous products peach looks like peach and its package pretty Shingen peach.
When you bite a bunch of authentic peachy bite, you can feel soft happiness with a sweet smell of gentle mouthfeel and peach jelly that has been kneaded in white bean paste.
6 pieces 525 yen ~

Shop: Takuroya Toujiro Fujiyoshida store
Matsuyama 5-1077-3, Fujiyoshida-shi Yamanashi Prefecture 403-0016 (Fujisoshida Police Station before)
TEL: 0555-21-1500

The taste of the area where Shizuoka's fresh air and water grew.

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Fujiya (Oguri plantation)

Shizuoka prefecture is the biggest tea producing place in Japan.
Characteristic brand name tea is arranged for each area from luxury infant tea to deep steamed tea.
The package "Fujihaye" (Oguri plantation) imitating Mt. Fuji which is released at the limited store is a tea bag, so you can enjoy real Japanese tea casually.
One piece 105 yen ~

Shop: Road station "Observing"
Kuyamachi Suzun, Shizuoka-ken, Shizuoka Prefecture 410-1431 33/44 / TEL: 0550-75-6363

Izuki Wasabi pickled pole (Kameya)

Wasabi pickles using wasabi and aged sake lees bred with fresh air and clean water of Shizuoka can taste the rich fragrance of wasabi originally.
In addition to wasabi pickles, souvenirs using fresh wasabi are popular with a variety of rice dishes and snacks.
120 g ¥ 1050

Shop: Kameya Mishima Station square store
15-18 Ichibancho, Mishima-shi, Shizuoka Prefecture 411-0036 / TEL: 055-972-2365

Speaking of Shizuoka Confectionery! Sweets with a gentle taste.

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Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Koko (Mihomi)

Shikaoka souvenir of the image character is Koko who is popular because of "Funny things ...".
The gentle taste softly moistened, sticking to raw materials, there are reasons to use delicious water in Shizuoka.
2 pieces 210 yen ~

Shop: New Tomei Expressway Suruga Bay Numazu SA others Sales in various places in Shizuoka prefecture

Abe kawachi (Yamadaiichi)

Traditional sweetness of Shizuoka, which has been loved by people traveling to and from Tokaido since the Edo period.
It is the taste of the rice cake which wrapped in a mushroom rice cake and a red bean paste which rolled up the rice cakes little by little and painted yellow powder.
"Aamidaichi" Abe kawachi is a gem that the Emperor Showa was also eaten.
One serving pack 240 yen ~

Shop: House with a rice cake
5 - chome, 15-13 / TEL: 054 - 283 - 1663, Suruga Ward, Shizuoka city Shizuoka prefecture 422 - 8033

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