Cottage in Yamanakako

Also recommended for women! Outdoor resort "PICA Yamanakako Village" that you can spend elegantly in the forest

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Speaking of summer, there are various ways to enjoy such as fireworks, festivals, and swimming. This time we will introduce "PICA Yamanakako Village" which can enjoy camp which is one of the fun of summer in detail. Even if you go camping every year, I will try camping this year! If you are thinking, please refer to this article by all means.

What is PICA Yamanakako Village?

It is an accommodation resort facility operated by the PICA group. There are other series campgrounds as "PICA Fujiyoshida" "PICA Fuji West Lake" "Campica Fuji Gurin", this time "PICA Yamanakako Village". You can enjoy 'Cottage Camp' at this campsite.

What is the unique value of a cottage? !

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Camping is camping, cottages are unique in cottages.

【Benefits of cottages】
①Configuration · Since you do not need to withdraw, you can play plenty of time.
② Do not prepare lanterns, mats, etc. in the place where lighting, futon etc are installed.
③ Even against bad weather, it is safe if it is a cottage.
④ If it is winter, the interior of the cottage is warm, and Mama who is not good at camping can have the experience of winter can be experienced!
⑤ Pets such as dogs can spend with pets if they use dog cottages.
etc. how is it? I think that there are many people who would like to do if staying in a cottage!

In addition, if you are a cottage, there are times when you can spend elegantly even in nature, and there are many female customers in PICA Yamanakako Village. Because the fixtures sold at the shop are also many female customers, there are many stylish items.

If you want a luxurious camp "Cottage Grand Oro Rouge"

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High quality cottage where you can experience the trendy Grand Ping in the nature. It is recommended for those who want to relax, enjoying a bonfire on the terrace, chatting while watching the flames that are beautifully flickering in the room where the pellet stove warms, or reading your favorite books.

Food and cafes are also enriched!

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PICA Yamanakako Village has three cafes and restaurants that you can eat and drink: Hammock Cafe, Fujiyama Garden, and Fujiyama Kitchen.

Especially recommended is a hammock cafe. Surrounded by trees, shaken by a hammock, you can read books, drink coffee, spend your favorite time and spend your relaxing relaxation time.

About facilities in the campground

In the cottage there is a cooking place and a toilet and it can be used with confidence because it is cleaned beautifully.

The kitchen is equipped with microwave oven, electric kettle, chopping board, kitchen knife, tableware, spoon, fork and so on.

Cooking firearms, pots, frying pans, etc. are brought by yourself. Also with bath, shampoo, rinse and body shampoo are also on hand.

Toilet is also beautiful with washlet, toilet seat heater. Furthermore, it has a fireplace etc, so when you come here you may not be able to return to the tent night!

<PICA Yamanakako Village>

■ Address: 506-296 Yamanakako village Hirano, Minamitsuru-gun Yamanashi Prefecture 401-0502
■ PICA Yamanakako Village Front: 0555-62-4155
※ Because we do not accept phone reservations at reception desk except on the day, please use online reservation.

【Information as of 2017/07】

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