Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Fujikyu Corporation, and Fujitsu Group companies (hereinafter referred to as "our company") comply with laws and other norms concerning protection of personal information about personal information of our customers, business related persons, etc, We also establish voluntary rules and systems in consideration of international trends, declare the following policy of personal information protection, declare to implement and maintain this policy.


  • In order to implement this declaration, we have established the "Personal Information Protection Standard" and thoroughly disseminate it to our employees (including general officials, part-time workers, dispatched workers etc.) and other stakeholders, We will improve and maintain.
  • In order to prevent the loss, destruction, falsification, leakage, etc. of personal information, we establish "information security management standard" and take appropriate information security measures such as countermeasures against unauthorized access and measures against computer viruses.
  • In obtaining personal information, we do it by legitimate and fair means, do not obtain it by an unfair method, as well as consent about the purpose of use etc. from the principal person of personal information, or make necessary information on our website I will announce you.
  • When indirectly obtaining personal information, we confirm whether the provider properly obtained from the principal on personal information to obtain, treat it on a contract basis, and on personal internet information on our company's internet homepage We will inform you of necessary purpose such as purpose of use.
  • We confirm that the information entity (the person of the personal information) has the right to disclose, correct, stop using, erase, etc. about self-personal information, and oppose these requests from the information entity I respond no.
  • In the case where we share personal information with a third party or deposit personal information to a third party in order to outsource the business, we investigate the third party, conclude necessary contracts, others We will take necessary measures according to laws and regulations.
  • We will establish the following principles for the collection and handling of specific personal information.

Principles of using personal information

  • The use of personal information shall be carried out to the extent necessary for the performance of the business only by those who are authorized according to specific work within the scope of collection purpose.

Prohibited matter

  • In principle, we prohibit providing personal information to third parties.
  • We will not do personal information leakage acts such as non-purpose use of personal information, take out from a usual use place, send to outside, etc.
  • Our employees should not inform the third party of the content of personal information that we knew about in business, or use it for unfair purposes. Even after I withdraw from the job related to the work, I will take the necessary measures as well.
  • We will not collect, use or provide personal information including the following contents.
    • (1) Matters concerning thought, creed and religion
    • (2) Matters that cause race, ethnicity, pride, domicile (excluding the information on the prefecture and prefectures), physical / mental disability, criminal record, and other social discrimination
    • (3) Matters concerning the right to organize workers, collective bargaining and other group actions
    • (4) Matters concerning participation in collective demonstration acts, exercise of petition rights and exercise of other political rights
    • (5) Matters concerning health care and sex life

April 2005
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